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ExoliKate Review: The Fastest Scrub/Peel Ever

ExfoliKate is my favorite facial scrub or peel, or scrub/peel or whatever you want to call this thing. It is fast, it works and is well worth the expensive price. I’ve called it a holy grail product in the past, and it definitely is worthy of that title!

I want to say right away that yes, this is a pretty expensive product. However, I use about the size of a large pea with each use for my t-zone and most of my cheeks and chin. So, that 2 ounce tube has a lot of uses in it!

This product is a green goo, with a herbal and somewhat minty scent. The texture is a bit like a regular face mask, though there are some big chunky bits like you’d find in a body scrub. Which yes, is usually something that I avoid in a facial product, but since I don’t rub it in the grit doesn’t bother me. You simply smear it on and then….

Why yes, it really does say to wait only 20-30 seconds. I confess I might lose track of time and wait a full 45-60 seconds before washing it off. But still… insanely fast, right? As in, this could definitely be included in pretty much any morning routine. My ideal time is in the shower. I apply, put conditioner in my hair, and then rinse off my face. Pretty much perfect timing.

It tingles slightly but doesn’t sting at all. It rinses off very easily with just water, which I then follow up with face wash. I’ve had no problems with redness, irritation or flaking. Just smooth and glowing skin. In 20-30 seconds. Or 45-60 if you’re lazy like me.

Kate Somerville

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