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The Best Concealer Brush and Blending Sponges

Best concealer brush

A few weeks ago I was on the hunt for EcoTools for a sponsored post (you can read it here, I created a little kit of brushes that I recently took to Disney World for our family spring break, it was awesome and perfect). While I was shopping, I spotted a few things from EcoTools off to the side, and while they didn’t really fit with my theme of a pared down travel makeup brush kit, I bought them anyways. And wow, I’m glad I did! They have become some of my favorite makeup tools!

So, what are they? The Micro Blending Brush and Color Perfecting Minis.

First, the minis are super cute little BeautyBlender like sponges. They’re colored just like your color correctors, so it’s easy to remember which sponge to grab for blending each corrector. I was having issues because I would blend my green redness corrector with a BeautyBlender, but then use that same sponge for my orange under eye circle corrector, or my concealer/foundation. The result was a bit of a muddy mess! And using just a fingertip wasn’t quite enough. Now I just grab the correct color sponge, and they’re small and perfectly shaped for getting around my nose into tight areas or under my eye.

The Micro Blending Brush is one of my new favorites as well. It’s flat topped, slightly angled, and about the size of a dime in circumference, maybe a little smaller. I like to apply my foundation and buff it around with a similar brush that is much larger, but I have problems around my eyes and nose, since the brush is too big. Now, I’m reaching for this brush instead once I reach those areas, and it makes everything much easier and the finish is much better! I also use it when applying my undereye concealer, and I’ll even pat it over any concealer that I’ve applied to trouble areas around my face. It just blends in imperfections very easily, fitting into any smaller trouble spots.

I’ve been using all of these tools a lot since buying them, they’re new staples! What do you use to blend your color corrector and concealer?

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