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Perfect for a Touch Up? Maybelline Dream Concealer Review

Maybelline Dream Concealer Review

For the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve been testing out a new concealer from Maybelline, their Dream Concealer. And it really has taken me this long to decide what I think!

I admit that at first I was in total love with this concealer! I love that it is in a stick form, you can just draw it where you need added coverage, blend with a fingertip or sponge. At first I was using it all over my face. But then I started to notice that it was looking pretty creepy by mid-afternoon, but only in my under eye area. It was better over a lot of eye cream, but still looked not quite right around dinner time. So, it needs a mid-day touch up when used under the eyes.

Where this concealer really does a great job is on the rest of the face. I had a few hormonal break outs last month, and there are still darker, pigmented spots on my chin, which will take a few more weeks to fully fade. When blending other concealers over them, I tend to blend so much that I remove most of the concealer with my fingertip. Oops! I don’t do that when using this concealer. I dot it on over the affect area, if I have to I then tap it one time with a fingertip to blend, and leave it alone. The spots completely disappear for the entire day!

Similar to concealing spots on my face, this concealer is also great for contouring. A little line of one of the concealers under my cheekbone, down the sides of my nose, then I blend it in with a light buffing with a brush. It looks great all day and is very subtle.

Maybelline Dream Concealer Swatch Picture

I use Fair under my eyes, and Light on the rest of my face.

You can find Maybelline Dream Concealer at ULTA, or Amazon

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