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Combating Winter: Bring a Touch of the Tropics to February

A few days ago I shared Liza Lentini‘s amazing winter tips for makeup. Today is a great tip for hair!

This is my favorite winter trick…put just a little bit of coconut oil in your hair. Coconut oil is a superb moisturizer, and its scent is an instant elixir, uplifting and evoking dreams of summer days of fun in the sun.

Organix makes some tasty coconut hair products, but I like to use essential coconut oils, which can be found all over your favorite city, or easily on Amazon.

Liza Lentini is the makeup artist behind Liza Bella Makeup Design. A former model, Liza also studied painting at the Massachusetts College of Art. Since 2003 she has been a popular bridal makeup artist in the NYC and Hamptons area.

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I’m a doctor, a mommy and a bit of a beauty addict. If you let me, I can take 2 hours to get ready in the morning. Really. I'm on a quest for faster beauty that works!

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  1. 2.2.12
    Starsky99 said:

    So, do you wash out the coconut oil or is it like a leave in conditioner? I get it at the health food store and cook with it! thanks, Jenny C.

  2. 2.3.12
    Christine said:

    Like a leave-in, it smells yummy!