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Coco Loco: The Do It All Skincare Product You Should Keep In Your Medicine Cabinet

Coco Loco Skincare Review

You know how you keep seeing Coconut Oil on Pinterest? And how it apparently is amazing for everything? It removes makeup, moisturizes, makes your hair grow faster and even cleans your bathroom? Me too. And I admit that I’ve been a bit skeptical. I didn’t really want to just head down to my local Whole Foods and just start slathering it all over my face. Especially since I had limited success with using Coconut Oil as a hair mask.

But, if someone else is willing to formulate said Coconut Oil into an easier to use version and then tell me exactly what to do with it, I will definitely try it!

Coco Loco is just that. It’s Coconut Oil with added Vitamins A, C and E (that added Vitamin A makes me declare this isn’t pregnancy safe, the only formulation of Vitamin A that docs say is ok to use topically during pregnancy is Beta Carotene). It comes in a 1 ounce or 3 ounce jar, and inside you’ll find what just looks like solid white stuff. But it’s all kinds of magical.

So, I’ve been using Coco Loco just as a cleanser/eye makeup remover. I wet my face down with warm water, and then rub my fingers over the solid Coco Loco. It immediately melts from the heat of my fingers and the warm water, and I’ll end up with just a little liquid oil on my fingers. Then I rub that over my eyes first, making sure that I’ve shut them tight and that I’m rubbing gently at the lash line to get my mascara and eye liner. Once I’m done there, I’ll rinse my hands briefly (otherwise I get black mascara water all over everything), and get a little more Coco Loco to rub all over my face. I rinse it all off with the help of a washcloth.

It’s amazing how quickly Coco Loco removes everything, and I mean everything. Even my most stubborn waterproof liners come right off without a fight! I haven’t tried it yet as a moisturizer, I have a feeling it would likely be too much for my combination skin, even in this winter weather.

Coco Loco at Etsy

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