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A Pressed Powder Splurge: Chanel les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour

Chanel les Beiges Powder Review

I have to admit, that I splurged on a pressed powder compact about 6 months ago from Chanel, and I love it so much that I’ve now bought a second, identical compact. Even though I’m not anywhere close to being done with the first. Let me back up a moment and explain.

I hate to reapply and touch up anything. You may have noticed that it is a bit of an ongoing theme in this blog. I want to do my hair, and have those curls last for days. I put on my makeup, I don’t want to touch it until the end of the day. I wear a lippie, it needs to last at least through lunch. Get the idea? I don’t carry much with me to touch up, other than roughly 20 lippie options at all times. (This is true, I actually counted them in my bag the other day with a friend while we were at our daughter’s ballet class. I had 20 lippies of various lip stains, glosses, lipsticks, etc.)

Anyways, somewhere along the way I heard about this great powder from Chanel. I think it was actually in a press release about a red carpet look for Jen Aniston, who I love. She was wearing Les Beiges Powder, and suddenly, I started hearing about this powder everywhere. Is it just a powder? There’s a little bit of coverage. But not a lot. And it isn’t a typical “powder” color, it’s more like a light bronzer. You can wear it over foundation, or alone. It has “a sheer, luminous finish and sets makeup” according to Chanel.

So, I splurged on it. I was carrying it around in my purse (in a makeup bag with about 20 lippies), and using it mid-afternoon to tone down shiny skin. A few swipes with the included brush, and my skin was semi-matte instead of shiny, and it added just a little something… just a bit of glow. Not enough to really be obvious, but I do think the slightly golden tone of the powder made a difference, versus a regular pressed translucent powder. It made me just a bit glowy, in a good but not obvious way.

I actually like the powder so much that I bought a second, and I’ve been using it to set my foundation in the morning. It looks a bit odd under my eyes, so I’m still using regular translucent powder there. But, a light dusting of this on the rest of my face is great! The faint glow does help, it’s very finely milled so you can’t see it on my skin at all and it doesn’t look “powdery”.

There is something a bit strange about this powder. I’ve been using the one in my purse a lot, for months. And it barely looks touched. I think it’s going to last years. Which is great, because this is definitely a splurge!

Buy it at Chanel, Nordstrom, or Macy’s

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  1. 8.15.19
    Judy said:

    Can I use this product while I’m pregnant?

    • 8.16.19
      15mins said:

      You don’t need to worry about powders and their ingredients, they sit on the surface of the skin

  2. 8.17.19
    Patricia Goy said:

    I love this! What about Chanel’s foundation Vitalumiere Aqua. Is this safe to use while pregnant?

    • 8.17.19
      15mins said:

      Chanel won’t release their ingredient lists to me unfortunately. So I can’t answer.