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Can You Pare Down Your Hair Routine This Summer?

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Have you seen this video about women and their hair? This is the second “Sh*t Girls Say About Hair” video that Aussie has created with Graydon Sheppard, and I love it!

I’m a bit afraid to admit it, but in the past my life has revolved around my hair. I worried about keeping my hair looking good and I would avoid any activities that would “ruin” a good hair day. While I don’t tote around a bag full of hair product everywhere, I’ve avoided swimming, working out, and I make sure I always have a comb and hair tie in my purse.

I’ve been trying to pare down my hair routine this summer. I’ve been simplifying my routine and have been ignoring my hair when deciding to do things. By going with the flow a little bit more, I’ve been able to enjoy time with my kids much more! Less time curling my hair perfectly means more time in the backyard playing. I even went swimming in the pool with them on a recent vacation, letting my hair just air dry afterwards when we went out for dinner. In the past I would require a full wash, dry and styling session after swimming. That’s a full hour before heading out for dinner!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
I admit that it’s a lot easier to skip most of my lengthy hair routine when I follow the advice of Aussie Celebrity Stylist Sarah Potempa (her YouTube videos are one of my secret obsessions) about starting with a healthy hair base. By keeping hair super healthy, my hair is much easier to manage!

Keeping my hair healthy and manageable is pretty easy. I get regular trims, avoid heat styling, and replace my regular conditioner with a deep conditioner a few times a week. I fully admit that these 3 deep conditioners live in my shower! Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle in Shine is my main go-to quick deep conditioner. It leaves my hair shiny and helps tame frizz, even when I air dry! But, when my hair is feeling a bit dry I’ll reach for Moist. When the humidity is high and I’m fighting frizz, then the Smooth 3 Minute Miracle is my favorite. All three products are quick and easy to use! They get the job done without weighing down my hair.

Are you ready to start simplifying your hair routine?

Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle
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