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Bond No. 9 Chelsea Flowers Perfume Review

Bond No9 Chelsea Flowers Review

For this week’s review of Bond Fragrance, I thought I would step outside of my typical Bergamot, Amber and White Floral scents. I picked Chelsea Flowers because honestly it struck me as just being different from all of the other Bond Scents.

Top Notes: White Peony, Mimosa, French Tulip

Middle Notes: White Hyacinth, Magnolia and Rose

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Tree Moss

When I smelled this fragrance in the bottle, I could just smell a lot of florals, most prominently I could pick out White Peony (I know, I know, another white floral, but at least I was leaving out some of my other favorite notes!).

In the bottle, there’s actually an overwhelming floral scent to this fragrance. But, don’t let that fool you! Once on, this fragrance changes quite a bit. This is a fairly subtle floral scent. Once it has been on for a while, I can smell the Tulip and Hyacinth, with a very faint background of something that I’m fairly certain is the Tree Moss.

While I still love my bergamot and amber, I have to say that this scent was a refreshing change from my other scents. Plus, as an added bonus, my husband loved this one!

You can buy this fragrance at Bond No9 or Amazon

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