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Bioelements Cremetherapy Review

Bioelements Cremetherapy Review

Cremetherapy is the perfect post-plane beauty product. I swear that when I spend a long time in a dry environment like a plane (or the hospital on one of my 30 hour shifts), I can feel the moisture being pulled out of my skin. I can feel it getting dry and lifeless as the seconds tick by.

Cremetherapy is the perfect treatment to overcome that issue! It’s a very creamy, super hydrating mask. It has the consistency of very thick whipped cream, and doesn’t have much smell. A light layer is all that you need, 10 minutes later it gets rinsed off. What is left behind is very well hydrated, glowing and much more radiant skin!

What’s the secret to this mask? I stupidly threw out my list of ingredients, but the Bioelements site lists Sesame Oil (an emollient) as the moisturizer. If that’s the case, I think it’s time I seek out every possible product containing Sesame Oil!

I intend to put a little bit of this mask into a small travel container and bring it with me when I travel in a few weeks for work. If you travel a lot I strongly recommend you check it out as well!

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