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Big Event Skincare: Professional Advice from an Esthetician

How to prepare your skin for your wedding or special event

Today Caterina Marra-Vazquez, an Esthetician and Brand Manager at Tribeca Beauty Spa, is sharing her best advice for your holiday parties and events. Want to look younger, fresher and glowy at your big office holiday party? Here’s how!

What are your recommendations for preparing for a big event, such as your wedding, a major holiday event, etc? How far in advance would you ramp up your skincare routine and what would recommend doing?

“The best advice I could give would be to start about six weeks out. Get peels every week (Lactic Acid based or Glycolic based Peels), peels are incredible! They really help with so many skin concerns. The last two peels ask to add microdermabrasion (if your skin can tolerate it- some people can not handle microdermabrasion- mature, thin skin and anyone with severely irritated skin like rosacea). The last peel you should make sure is at least three days before the event. Make sure you are using sunscreen since peels are exposing more of your skin!”

Tribeca Beauty Spa
Caterina Marra-Vazquez is an Esthetician and Brand Manager at Tribeca Beauty Spa

Image: licensed via IMAXtree

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