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The Best Cheap Makeup Brushes from ELF

The best cheap makeup brushes you should buy

I recently shared my must-have makeup brushes, and you can head over there to read more about how to use each brush and check out other options at different price points. If you’re going to wear makeup, I strongly suggest using some brushes. Luckily, you can get some great basic ones without breaking the bank, and then as you figure things out you can invest in some more expensive brushes. My favorite inexpensive brushes are all from ELF! ELF makeup brushes are high quality, last for years and

Cheap makeup brushes can be amazing! These are the must have makeup brushes from ELF

1. The Foundation Brush
This rounded brush is just stiff enough to perfectly buff your foundation.

2. The Blush Brush
I love this brush for brush, bronzer or highlighter.

3. The Face Powder Brush
I love to use this to apply a light layer of powder after my makeup or to buff my makeup as a mid-day touchup.

4. The Eye Shadow Fluff Brush
This is my workhorse eyeshadow brush. I own about 7 of the ELF Eye Shadow Fluff Brush, and while I have very similar brushes from more expensive brands (such as MAC, Laura Mercier, Sigma, etc) this is the one I reach for over and over. It has just the right size for spreading shadow all over my lid, applies the right amount of shadow and doesn’t remove what I’ve already applied.

5. The Eye Shadow Crease Brush
This small brush is just the right size for applying shadow to my crease or applying a little accent under my lower lash line.

6. The Eye Shadow Blending Brush
This brush is a little larger and looser than the crease brush, it is perfect for blending your shadows. I like to do little circles over the harsh lines, perfect!

7. The Eye Liner Smudge Brush
This brush is essential if you’re going to use eyeliner or want a smokey eye. I rub it over my liner to smudge the line just right, it makes me look much more skilled with my makeup!

8. Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove
Amazingly this mitt can make a big difference in how clean your makeup brushes get and make the process much faster.

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  1. 7.6.18
    Abby said:

    Great post! I am definitely going to be picking some of these up on my next Target run. Thanks!! šŸ™‚