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10 Beauty Gadgets That Really Work

10 Beauty Gadgets That Really Work

1. Personal Microderm Device (my Personal Microderm Device review): This is an at home version of what is offered in many dermatologist and plastic surgeons offices. Yes, it is great exfoliation, but you do need to be a bit careful with it as you can easily over do it.

2. Tria Age-Defying Laser (my Tria Age-Defying Laser review): I really loved this laser when I tried it out in the spring, and yes, I’m about to start using it again now that I’ve delivered my baby. This is an at home version of a non-ablative laser treatment and helps fine lines/wrinkles and evens out skin tone.

3. José Eber Therapy RX Moisture Boosting Tool (my review): It looks like a flat iron, but oh, it is so much more! This infrared hair tool helps conditioning treatments penetrate into the hair, dramatically increasing their results. I don’t do this often (it does take some time and effort), but when my hair is feeling dry/damaged it really does the job.

4. Veet Infini’Silk IPL At Home Laser Hair Removal: I’m currently working on a review for this product, but it is super easy to use and really is helping to reduce hair already. I’m using it on my underarms, when I have more time I’m definitely going to use it on my legs as well!

5. Q Redew (my Q Redew review): This is amazing for refreshing your hair whether you have straight or curly hair.

6. Voloom (my Voloom review): This is definitely the best way I’ve found to add long lasting volume to your hair, exactly where you want it!

7. Sarah Potempa BeachWaver (my BeachWaver review): This is my favorite curling iron. It can rotate in 2 directions and has an extra long barrel to make creating beachy waves even easier!

8. Tanda Tap (my Tanda Zap review): This little hand held device really does help my blemishes go away faster. I break it out at the first sign of trouble, and instead of a 5-7 day spot I’ll have 1-2 days.

9. BeLissPRO Curl Genius Professional Curl Machine (my Curl Genius review): This is the best of the curling machines that I’ve tried. It creates effortless curls that really do last in my hair, which I love!

10. Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solutions Set (all my Clarisonic posts): I talk about the Clarisonic a lot. And yes, you do need one! I’m currently testing out their Sonic Radiance set, and the products are really helping with my hyperpigmentation!

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