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Steam For A Great Hair Day: Q-Redew Review

q-redewWhat exactly is that thing?? I fully admit that I thought it might be a hair dryer with a built in diffuser. Or some sort of torture device. I wasn’t quite sure.

What is it really? MAGIC. My friends, it really is. This is the answer to flat hair, day to night, helping curls, and extending your hair for days. How does it work? It’s basically a steamer.

While it’s tempting to describe the Q-Redew as a steamer, it really is a warmed up version of a cool mist humidifier. It is hot enough that if you held it close to your scalp and left it there for a bit you could burn yourself, but it’s easy to avoid by holding about an inch away and by moving it around a bit.

Don’t worry that the mist will cause crazy frizz. Instead it has just enough humidity to help reboot your hair style. It won’t make your head wet, but it will make it seem like you’ve just finished styling your hair from start to finish.

q-redewWhen you plug in the unit, it does take a few minutes to warm up. The light (next to the water reservoir) blinks while it is warming up. Once it is ready the light will glow continuously. Hit the button and a warm mist will come out of the end of each finger. You can see it, but despite (many) attempts, I couldn’t capture it with my camera. The unit will make some water bubbling noises. (It sounds like a steam iron, really, when it gurgles? Yes, that.)

When the mist comes out, just put the “fingers” into your hair and style your hair. I’ve used the Q-Redew to add volume to the crown of my head on day 2 of a shampoo, help my wavy hair get a bit wavier with scrunching, and to help set curls.

When adding volume at my roots, I just used my fingers to lift my hair a bit, swooshing them around. I moved the Q-Redew around fairly quickly, I didn’t really need much help. When I was done my hair had the same volume as I do on a hair washing day, but without the feeling of dry shampoo that I usually have to use on day #2 or 3.

I’ve also used the Q-Redew to set curls. I’ve done this only with big pin curls, but I want to get a set of big velcro rollers and maybe try this with braids as well. I just set my hair, then apply the Q-Redew to each area. It takes only about 5 minutes or so to cool down completely, then I take out the curls. I did fairly big curls (my hair was wrapped around 3 fingers), so I had really pretty and soft waves afterwards. I was surprised as well how the Q-Redew had taken my hair that was frizzy when I started and it looked like it had been flat ironed and then curled. The frizz was gone, my hair was super shiny and the waves lasted almost all day.

If your hair is curly, this is a great way to reset (or just style) those curls as well. I’ve used the Q-Redew on my curly hair days to help clump my curls together a bit more and to defrizz them. It didn’t make my bad 80’s home perm curls amazing big bouncy curls (ok, that may have been hoping for too much). The Q-Redew did help make the curls come together a bit more and calmed down the frizz.

I’ve been loving my Q-Redew, and I swear I’m just getting started with it! If you have curly hair you definitely need one. (It would also be a great holiday gift. I’m just saying.)



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  1. 12.5.13

    1) Would it be good for restyling bangs? I wake up with bangs all over the place!

    2) Where do you buy it? It sounds awesome!