The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Reveal Great Skin’s Victoria Girard

The Favorite Products of Beauty Experts: Reveal Great Skin's Victoria Girard

1. DPL Therapy System
I love the anti-aging benefits that this hands-free red light therapy unit offer. This unit has helped my wrinkles disappear, my pores shrink, and has brightened my skin; it’s my anti-aging holy grail. It’s super easy to use, incredibly effective, and each treatment only takes 9 minutes.

2. Shankara Microcrystal Exfoliating Treatment
This Ayurvedic exfoliation treatment uses natural ingredients to thoroughly polish the surface of the skin revealing softer and smoother skin instantly. The microcrystals in this incredible exfoliation treatment feel divine as they roll over my skin and after using this product my skin feels so smooth that I can’t stop touching it.

3. Liz Earle Superskin Moisturizer
This rich and luxurious cream contains naturally active ingredients that deeply moisturize, smooth, and replenish more mature skin giving it a healthy glow. I love to use this moisturizer at night and when I wake in the morning my skin looks fresh and alive.

4. Mad Hippie Eye Cream
This natural eye cream fights aging with peptides, vitamin A, vitamin C, and argon oil. It has a creamy consistency that glides beautifully onto the skin without leaving any tackiness. The ingredients in this eye cream do a superb job of moisturizing, firming, and rejuvenating my eyes.

5. Clarisonic
This deep cleansing brush does an amazing job of thoroughly cleansing the skin, mildly exfoliating, and prepping the skin for subsequent skin care products. I love how clean my skin feels after using my Clarisonic and I know my other products are working more effectively as well.

6. DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30
One of the most important additions to any skin care regimen is and SPF product. This natural SPF moisturizer feels wonderfully light but packs a powerful protective punch against the harmful rays of the sun.

7. Essona Organic Eye Serum
This light serum contains a whopping 15 organic extracts that fight free radicals, nourish, renew, and rejuvenate the eye area. The skin around the eyes just drinks in this healthy serum leaving the skin soft and supple.

8. Deep Penetrating Light Driven Peptide Serum
This potent serum contains a blend of powerful peptides that have been shown to dramatically fight the signs of aging. It has been designed to work with light therapy systems as the LED wavelengths help to drive the peptides further into the skin. When I use this serum I see more dramatic results with my DPL System and it helps my skin look renewed even when I don’t use my light.

9. Renu Derma Gel Cleanser
This natural cleanser deeply cleans without stripping the skin leaving it feeling fresh and renewed. This cleanser makes my skin feel so clean and pure without that uncomfortable tight feeling.

10. Naturopathica Vitamin C Revitalizing Complex
This revitalizing complex contains vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and Kudzu to nourish, fight free radicals, guard against the breakdown of collagen and elastin, and reduce the signs of aging. It sinks in beautifully and helps my skin get that glow from within look.

Victoria Girard is the woman behind Reveal Great Skin. As a busy wife and mother of three wonderful children she knows how important it is to quickly and easily find products that will work for you. It can be very frustrating sorting and sifting through all of the information out there and then trying to narrow it down. Victoria features a lot of in depth skin care reviews and her site is a great place to find skin care that works for you.

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  1. April 2, 2012 / 6:56 pm

    I love Clarisonic's deep cleaning brush. I've only had mine for a few weeks but I saw the difference in my skin immediately.

  2. April 5, 2012 / 6:36 am

    Haven't tried the Clarisonic's deep cleaning brush, thanks for detailed info i was looking for, actually i was not interested in Skin Care products, but this ones seems very different! Thanks [email protected]

  3. June 6, 2012 / 2:48 am

    Those beauty regimen is quite enormous! But I could see that it's giving you good results because your skin is so clear and smooth. Looks like you also had a vein therapy with those concealers that you put in your face.

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