Beautisol’s Need I Glow More: A Facial Sunless Tanner That Works With Your Skin Type

Beautisol Need I Glow More, facial self tanner, sunless tanner, review
One of the reasons that I’ve been reluctant to use self tanners in the past (and have embraced the pale), is that the facial products don’t seem different from the body products. After years of acne, I’ve fought hard for my clear (ish) skin, and don’t want to give that up just to look a little bit tanner. Am I right?

Well, the people over at Beautisol knew that many people share my reluctance. They’ve released the first sunless tanner for the face that is skin type specific. So, if you have dry skin or are acne prone you won’t be using the same product! This is likely enough to make me overcome my sunless tanner aversion. In the meantime, Ellery tried it out as part of our sunless tanner series.

Read on to see what Ellery thought!

I must admit that I have tried some self tanners in the past on my body, but on my face…never!  I decided to give it a try now, thinking maybe it could help cover up some of those purple acne scars-plus I firmly believe in the saying, “you can’t knock it until you try it!”

So, before the panic of the idea of self-tanning my face could set in, I took out the bottle of Beautisol’s Face Self Tanner in Normal-Oily and read over the direction card.  I really liked that it had little pictures for each step so that even on “sleepy-Mommy” mode I couldn’t mess it up!  I applied it like the pictures showed (war paint stripes), but I decided to just do one area at a time.  I was worried that if I did war stripes all over my face, then blended in, I might have some set in longer than others and look slightly “stripey.”  Instead, I applied stripes on my forehead, then blended in circular motions until it completely blended in.  I liked that is was a very light, watery texture, that blended VERY easily and did not feel heavy at all.  I proceeded to do my checks, nose, mouth and chin the same way.  The solution had a very slight “tanning” smell to it, but once dry (in about 2 minutes), I didn’t notice any smell.  The color is not orange at all, but is more of a “I just got back from Hawaii” look. 

I decided to keep it on overnight, and then wash it off in the morning.  I liked that is seemed a very natural bronze that was not TOO dark.  The only thing I recommend is that you don’t fall asleep too quick after applying.  I waited about 2 hours, but somehow had some odd sleep marks in the tanner! Oh well, nothing a little bronzer won’t cover šŸ™‚

Overall, I am happy with the look and feel that it is a nice change.   I feel I look a little more healthy and rested, and like how the “see-through” look of my face is no longer visible.

HERE is a great YouTube video on how to best apply this self-tanner. Enjoy, and happy tanning!

Today’s post has been brought to us by my cousin Ellery from Mom’s Life Made Easy. I’ve conned her into trying out all of the sunless tanners this year since I’ve embraced the pale. Ellery is a busy mommy of 3 little ones under the age of 5, but somehow manages to always look amazing!




  1. April 28, 2011 / 6:51 pm

    I'm currenly testing this and I love it, it gives a very natural tanned look to my super pale face.

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