These 3 Sticks are Everything: Boom! by Cindy Joseph Review

Product Sent for Review

Boom by Cindy Joseph Review
Boom by Cindy Joseph Review

So, yeah. Summer is here. Things have been crazy. And I've been spending a lot of time in our new pool. Like, a lot. Which means my skin is a bit drier than usual thanks to the chlorine, and sometimes I need a little more color when I get out the pool (but I rarely have more than about 30 seconds to touch up since I have little ones who are begging for food about that time).

So, these makeup sticks from Boom! by Cindy Joseph are currently everything.
Read on to learn more about them.

Boom by Cindy Joseph Swatch

So, there are only 3 sticks. The first one, on the far left, isn't even color. It's a moisturizer. It's call Boomstick Glo, and it is an intensive, beeswax based moisturizer in a stick. It's one of those products that you can use everywhere in a pinch, on your face, your cuticles, etc. It would be great for travel (and it doesn't even need to go in your 3-1-1 bag since it is solid). I've been using it on areas that feel dry and need a little more moisture when I get out of the pool, that's mostly my chin and cheeks. I just draw right on my skin, spread with my fingers and that's perfect!

Next I reach for the Boomstick Color, that's it on the far right. While it looks pretty dark in the stick form, you can see that once it is on the skin it is pretty translucent. You can use as much or as little as you want, and it pretty much can go anywhere. Use it as a bronzer, a blush or even a shadow. I usually put just a touch on my lids and then use it as a blush. I blend with my finger tips.

Finally, I use Boomstick Glimmer (in the center), which is a very pretty dark champagne shimmer. I use a little in the inner corner of my eye, on my brow bones, cheek bones, etc. Anywhere I want to catch just a little light without looking very glittery.

I tried to take a picture for you, but the while the look is great in person, it doesn't show up in pictures. It's subtle but a definite improvement in roughly 30-60 seconds.

Boom! by Cindy Joseph
Product Sent for Review

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  1. Well, I just got my broomstick color in the mail and I couldn't wait to use it. I was a little surprised by the color, I was
    told this was a bronzer so the burgundy threw me off.

    Basically this product is not for the 55 and over crowd, don't be fooled. It is very greasy and if you are in menopause, that's the last thing you want. Being greasy and sweaty is not attractive. I am also black with medium to dark skin toned. this is not for my skin tone either. as a blush it is too dark and greasy, it looks awful on my forehead, just greasy and for my lips it's ok but not practical to use because of it's shape.

    For the price and use of this product, you can certainly do a lot better. I won't repurchase. If this lady were smart, she would have included samples of the others. I read that the glimmer is good, but I refuse to spend another $27 (plus an outrageous $8.35 for shipping) to try it. Not worth the risk.


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