A Perfect Hair Day: Thanks Living Proof!

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Living Proof PhD Perfect Hair Day Styling Treatment

Everyone wants a perfect hair day. Well, I'll settle for a great one, or even just a good one! And we all know that Jennifer Aniston has more than her fair share of the perfect ones, and let's face it... being one of the owners of Living Proof is probably a big part of that.

I haven't written much about Living Proof on the blog (I don't do a lot of hair product reviews for some reason), but they're my go-to brand for frizz fighting products. Their first products were pretty revolutionary, and when they started releasing more great things, like volumizing products, I loved them just as much.

But, I had this issue. I didn't want to just smooth or add volume. I wanted to do both! Finally, Living Proof has combined their patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) and our Volumizing Molecule (PBAE) into one treatment. The idea is that you'll get volume, smoothness and treatment (it reportedly makes your hair 4.5x stronger, reducing breakage by 78%).

So, does it work? It doesn't give me Texas sized hair, but it does add a bit of volume and prevents my hair from being weighed down. It makes my hair easier to dry straight, adds some shine and yes, it really does help my hair look better. It also helps protect from both heat and UV damage.

I've been using PhD with a cocktail of other hair styling products to curl my hair and maintain the style for 3 days. It really is key to the look, without it my hair just doesn't look as good!

I've already bought 2 more bottles of PhD. Yes, it's that good.

You can buy Living Proof PhD Styling Treatment at Living Proof or Sephora.

Product Sent for Review I Bought It Affiliate Link

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  1. Great product. Awesome company! I like their Prime Style Extender as we'll.


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