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MAC's Masterclass Brushes: Yes, This is the Review of Makeup Toothbrushes

I Bought It

MAC Masterclass Cosmetic Brushes

I debated and debated about it, but I kept hearing that these new MAC makeup brushes were life changing. So I snapped them up. Or, I ordered them online. Whatever. And, no. They're not toothbrushes. Well, not really.

First, you should know that although they look like toothbrushes, they're super soft. They remind me quite a bit of my favorite brushes from IT Cosmetics (I don't own this set, just some random ones, but I really want this set), because they're normal makeup brush bristles that are very densely packed. What's interesting about the bristles is that they're so dense that rather than getting down into the brush, makeup seems to float on surface.

Did I mention they're really soft?

MAC Master Class Toothbrush for Makeup Review

There are currently only 3 brushes available, but you can see from their names that there must be more planned. You can see that the handles are also pretty unique for makeup brushes. Instead of looking like paint brushes, they are wide and ergonomic with rubber to help you grip them.

how to use mac masterclass makeup brushes

I've been using these brushes for a few days now, though I did do quite a few looks for future posts so probably it's a week worth of use. Before starting them, I watched an amazing video from Karen over on Makeup and Beauty Blog. She went to the MAC Pro Shop in San Francisco and spent some time with one of their artists, he showed her some great tips and tricks! Go and watch Karen's MAC Masterclass Makeup Brush Video before you use them!

I think my current favorite of the trio is the Oval 6 brush. In the video, he shows Karen how to use it with a primer for mattifying, and it really does work! The MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone can be used even over makeup with this brush (tip: I've been using a few other mattifying products with it, I'll spill the beans soon, I promise!) This is also great for foundation or blush. You rub it over your skin like it is gliding around, pushing very slightly. It's not for dabbing and stippling like other brushes. I'm not sure if you can tell in the top pic there, but the bristles are slightly bent. Run it back and forth, the bristles should slightly bend, but it shouldn't be with a lot of pressure.

The Liner 1 brush is my new best friend for eye liner. You can either just pat it along your lash line or run it along slightly. Either way, it is thinner than the smudge brush that I usually use, and I'm loving it! I'm sure there are other uses for this brush, but I'm going to reserve it for liner. Liner, liner, liner. Which I love.

The last brush is the Oval 3 brush, and this is the one I haven't really mastered yet. I've been using it to pat or sweep shadow onto my entire lid, but I'm still awkward with it. Nothing seems to be very precise yet when I use this brush, so I need more practice. At about 12:50 in Karen's MAC Masterclass Makeup Brush Video, Victor shows her how to use this brush for her crease and even contouring on the side of her nose. I tried this. I looked crazy, it was way too big! I swear I'll master this technique!

Have you bought these brushes? I want to know how you're using them!

I Bought It


Candy Sparks said...

They look interesting. Great post!

Dean F said...

Those MAC brushes look so elegant! I do hope they come with covers of some sort, though. I'd definitely get me a set if they do.

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

I swore I wasn't buying these.... two days after your review, I bought them! What can I say except "I'm easy".

Shelley Polarbelle said...

Awwww man, now I have to get at least two. The liner for sure!

Sunny said...

Thanks for sharing these, Christine! I've seen them in action and felt them. They are superbly soft. I'm just not sure if I will get used to them, so I'm still on the fence about picking one (or all) up!

Cybelesays said...

Ok, you've convinced me to pick up the #6 Brush!!

Anonymous said...

You CAN NOT be serious about liking these brushes. What a horrible gimmick that are being sold to people. Just no.

Christine Mikesell said...

I am serious. It takes a bit to get used to, but I really do like them!

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