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My Every Day Good Hair Day: A Slightly Volumized Bob

Volumized Bob Hair Tutorial

I recently took some new “official” pictures of myself for a big project (coming in the spring!) and when I was showing the results to friends and family, there were a lot of comments on my hair! I hadn’t done anything different that day. From wet hair to sleek long bob took 10 minutes total, and the only heat involved was from my blow dryer.

1. First, I wash my hair. My usual go-to hair products in the shower are these from Joico, their K Pak shampoo and conditioner. I like that they’re gentle and hydrating.

2. Once I’m out of the shower, I take a few drops of Redken Diamond Oil and spread it through the ends of my hair with my palms. A little does go a long way, so I only use about 4 drops at a time.

3. Next it is time to add a little extra volume! I’m a huge fan of Redken’s Guts 10 Foam. I shake up the can and then spray it directly on my roots in a few places for added volume, primarily at the crown of my head. I then rub my fingers in my hair to help distribute the Guts around to the rest of my scalp.

4. Now that I have both products in my hair, I use my Wet Brush to help make sure everything is evenly distributed. In the past I was one of those girls that only used wide tooth combs on her hair, but this brush really is amazing! The bristles are different than other brushes, so it really does glide through your hair without pulling or damaging your hair.

Once I’ve brushed my hair, I use the brush while I dry my hair. I dry my hair with my head upside down, using medium heat and with the directional nozzle. I start with just my fingers, getting a rough blow dry. I start using the brush again once my hair is about 75% dry, brushing through my hair as I dry to help straighten my hair a bit. I finally flip back up once my hair is about 95% dry, using the Wet Brush to help smooth and dry the very top and front of my hair.

To help keep the frizzies down, I’ve found that once you think your hair is dry, you’ll need to keep drying! There’s still enough moisture in there to make your hair frizzy and difficult to manage within the hour. So, I keep drying for another minute or two. This makes a big difference in how my hair looks the rest of the day!

5. Once my hair is dry I’ll take 2 drops of the Redken Diamond Oil and smooth it through the ends of my hair again. If it is a little humid that day I will apply a little hair spray to hold down any fly aways or frizz. I love the Living Proof Flex Hair Spray for this. I don’t spray it directly on my hair, instead I’ll spray my brush and then brush it gently through the top layer of my hair.

6. I do think I should briefly mention Velcro Rollers! I rarely use them, but if I want a lot of volume on a particular day I’ll throw them in to my hair. I didn’t use them on the day I took this picture, so I need to want a lot of volume! I’ll take 3 large rollers and put them into the hair on the crown of my head immediately after blow drying. Once I’ve rolled, I gently hit the roller with a blast of warm air from my blow dryer. I then go and do something else for about 10 minutes, usually my makeup, while my hair cools down and sets. When my hair is cool I can take out the rollers and proceed with Step #5, applying the Diamond Oil and Living Proof Flex Hair Spray.

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  1. 12.16.13
    Jamie said:

    I'm extremely jealous that this only takes you 10 minutes! To make my hair look like that takes over an hour!

  2. 12.16.13
    Laurie M said:

    Very cool! I do pretty much the same thing, I just use a big round brush for some bounce. I also flip um head down and use cold shot to keep the volume. Great post!