Juliette Has a Gun… Not a Perfume: Review

Juliette Has a Gun... Not a Perfume Review

So, this is perfume that isn’t. Really.

Juliette Has a Gun’s creator Romano Ricci caused a few waves in the fragrance industry when he created this scent. Not a Perfume is inspired by his love of the often used (but frequently overlooked) base note Cetalox. Cetalox is also known as Ambroxan, and is a synthetic molecule. It is frequently used in fragrances with an amber base note. Cetalox is the only ingredient. The only note. So, there’s no initial dry down, no layering of different scents, there’s just Cetalox.

Note: Cetalox

Cetalox is very interesting. To me, it is amber but a bit more interesting. It is warm and layered and I swear a little bit herbal at the same time. It isn’t a loud scent (how can it be? It’s usually a base note), but rather it is there and just smells… sophisticated? Alone it is very elegant and more complex than I had expected.

I probably won’t be wearing this scent much during the spring/summer, but it’s definitely earned a spot in my fragrance collection for fall and winter.

Juliette Has a Gun


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