J Lo and the New Gillette Venus ProSkin: A Match Made in Idol Heaven?

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Gillette sure did pick an amazing new spokesperson. J Lo seems to do no wrong lately with her hit song and overall amazingness on American Idol. I love having her on the show, and seriously could the woman look any more amazing each week? I think they should put a feature on the website (similar to the one on the Regis & Kelly website) where they cover what she is wearing. I want to know down to the color of nail polish she’s wearing!

Regardless, have you noticed the Gillette ads that have been on tv lately? I have only seem them during Idol (I admit to watching very little tv since the arrival of baby Megan. Pretty much Idol, Big Bang Theory and some news are all we watch). She is amazing in the commercials. Legs for miles. This is the razor she’s promoting.

So, what’s the deal with this razor? It has 3 blades and on either side of the blades are those built-in shave gel things that companies keep adding to razors. Usually they just make the whole thing bulky and don’t work, in my opinion.

So, is this razor any different? It does seem to be a more successful attempt at the sidelined instant shave gel thing. This time the lubrication they provide is quite a bit better. Previously if I had a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “ouchies, shaving with just water” to a 10 being “super smooth, love my Gillette shave gel”, the older razors would be a… 2.5. This one is more like a 7.5 or 8. So, not like my razor gel, but definitely up there. As well, the shave is almost as close with this razor alone, but not quite.

As well, a quick note about the bulkiness factor. In the past this type of razor was too bulky for me to do anything other than shave my legs. So, no underarms, etc. This razor seems to be able to fit in much smaller areas easily due to a different design for the solid gel. This time it seems to move back and forth, molding more easily to your body. So, I can shave my underarm area without problems.

This razor won’t replace my normal routine of Gillette Venus Embrace and shave gel, but it’s almost just as good. I can definitely see myself bringing this razor (without gel! Saving room in the 3-1-1 bag) on a trip. It would also be great for those that go to the gym quite often.

Gillette ProSkin Razor


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