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My Favorite Cuticle Cream, Orly Cuticle Therapy Cremé

A review of my favorite cuticle cream, Orly Cuticle Therapy Creme

I assure you that I am alive despite my dearth of posts, I’m just working like crazy and OMG right now I really dislike hospital hand foam and excessive hand washing. My hands are dry, dry, dry. Though I’ve somehow managed not to bring RSV home to my 4 1/2 month old, so there is that…. I’ve been working a lot the last 10 days or so, hence not much posting here on the blog.

And, my hands are getting very dry.

So, I’ve just dug through my drawers and my office/beauty room, and have found 3 tubs of magical, magical cream! I had thought I was out, but, no! (This is success people. Also, I probably need a good night of sleep, I’m overly enthusiastic about cuticle cream tonight.)

We all have a beauty product that we stock up on and buy in large quantities. One of those products for me is Orly’s Cuticle Cream. The cream is thick, super hydrating, and is often the last thing I apply before bed. In the winter I use it as an ultra-hydrating hand cream to help combat dryness. And it works.

Orly Cuticle Therapy Cremé is a little hard to find in stores, though they do carry it at Sally Beauty, and in the big tub! I buy a new tub of it almost every time I’m at Sally Beauty Supply, which is about once a month since I’m doing a monthly post with them now (the result of this is that I’m spending a good 10 minutes per trip drooling at their wall of polish and trying not to buy all. the. polish.) But, this tub of cream always finds its way into my basket! I slather it all over my cuticles and when I’m really dry it goes all over my hands. Like tonight. I’m so glad I found 3 hidden tubs!

You can buy your own at Amazon

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