Essie Dive Bar

Essie Dive Bar, swatch
Essie Dive Bar is part of the new “retail” exclusive line, so you’ll find this at a local store (not salon) that sells Essie. Think Walmart.

Dive Bar is an amazing deep teal that has purple in it at certain angles and certain lights. I can see it easily in the bottle, but I couldn’t seem to capture it on my nail or with the camera. Over at Polish or Perish they did get a bit of that purple to come across on camera. Take a peek, you’ll see why the “Dive Bar” spot on an Essie display is often empty!



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  1. February 3, 2011 / 2:06 am

    Ah-ha! A drugstore line by essie! I saw a display of these at my local Walgreen's yesterday and was wondering about the "new" lettering on the essie bottles! Makes sense now! (and this walgreen's previously carried a very small selection of the normal essie range). 🙂

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