Nicole by OPI Walmart Exclusive Polishes

Nicole by OPI Walmart Exclusive Polishes
Walmart is about to have 4 exclusive Nicole by OPI shades hit the shelves, and you’ll want to scour your local Walmart for these shades!

Included in this collection (Left to right above):
• Never Give Up: Hold onto gorgeous color with this persistent plum. This color is above on the left, and I’m not sure plum is even remotely in this color. To me it is a beautiful dark pink with shimmer.
• Got Style?: Mauve has never looked this chic! Above on the right and below on the Perfect Stroke brush. This color is pretty sophisticated, perfect for every day wear.
• Count On Me: This glimmering lavender will never let you down.
• He’s A Keeper: This classic red is one of the good guys. In the bottle this one is a little bit of an orange-red warm leaning, I haven’t tried it out yet though.

Nicole, OPI, Perfect Stroke Brush
You may have noticed the little stickers on the bottle necks above. They’re announcing the new Perfect Stroke Brush, which I’m loving. I want it on all of my nail polishes. So, if Nicole could arrange to change all of my 500+ shades for me over to Perfect Stroke Brushes I’d be a happy camper. You can see that the brush is flat, similar to an OPI brush. This makes getting 3 stroke coverage across the entire nail much easier than a “classic” skinny round brush. What makes this brush different than the OPI brush is that it is a little thicker (this seems to make application smoother), and the rounding of the end. You can see this in the image above, the tips of the brush go up so it is easier to apply to the entire nail without hitting your cuticles. I found this especially helpful since I’m great at hitting my cuticles with the square OPI brush.

I’ll be featuring these colors over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye open for the swatches! If you want to purchase these colors you can find Nicole them only at Walmart.
Nicole by OPI


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