Pedicure Tips from Nailtiques

Many of my nail kit staples come from Nailtiques, so I was really excited to get these pedicure tips from them! Many of these tips (such as adding the Oil Therapy to water to help soften your feet) I never would have thought of on my own! I’ve added a few comments of my own, those are in italics.

Nailtiques Oil Therapy is a vitamin-enriched formula that replenishes your skin’s natural oils. A few drops can add needed moisture to dry-flaking nails and moisturize parched cuticles.

TIP: Add a few drops of this Nailtiques Oil Therapy to hot water to soften feet before exfoliation. Once you’ve scrubbed, reapply Nailtiques Oil Therapy to unpolished nails and buff away unwanted ridges.

Nailtiques’ two sided Cushioned Sponge File does double-duty for pedicures. Use the green side to shape nails and the pink side to smooth any ridges.
I think that getting rid of those ridges really helps quite a bit in making that home pedicure look professional!

Nailtiques Avocado Foot Crème is perfect for conditioning dry and calloused areas.

TIP: Cut the toes off your favorite athletic socks and slip them on after moisturizing. The cloth will massage the moisturizer into your feet, leaving while your toes free to be polished.
Preparing your feet the night before will make finishing that pedicure the next morning fast and easy! I like to go to bed with the lotion softening my feet.


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