Bond No. 9’s Nuits de Noho

Bond No. 9's Nuits de Noho Perfume review and notesNuits de Noho is one of Bond’s most popular fragrances, and I’m betting that the reason is the Patchouli note. I did a quick Google search this morning to look for a breakdown of the notes by base, middle and top. I couldn’t find a breakdown of the notes anywhere (odd, since it’s usually easy to find this), but what I did find was page after page of comments about how great the Patchouli note is! It is described as voluptuous, heady, divine and irreverent. I found page after page of raves for this Patchouli note!

Notes: Jasmin, Creamy Vanilla, Sheer Patchouli, Musk, Bergamot, Rosewood

In the bottle I smell primarily Patchouli, Bergamot and a bit of Rosewood and Jasmine. Once I’ve applied the fragrance, it deepens even more to primarily Patchouli and a bit of musk with a small hint of Rosewood. I saw the word voluptuous all over to describe this Patchouli note, and I definitely think that this is an accurate description. I have to say that with this scent you need to have a light hand, I think with the deepening of the scent it became stronger. A bottle of this would go a long way!

Also available this holiday season in a limited edition 3.4 ounces crystal vial.
Bond No. 9


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