Metallic Nails & Summer Pedis

So, People Magazine has declared this the summer of the metallic manicure. I personally do like this look, and I’m just now starting to be more comfortable with it, but it really can be worn by nearly any one with any coloring. Pictured here is People’s picture of Misha with a silver mani, and one of People’s favorite color choices, Lippmann’s Hit Me with your Best Shot. This is a beautiful gun metal metallic grey color, and while it may already be sold out from the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale, this is one shade worth spending $15 on at your local Nordies or getting at Bath and Body Works the next time you get a great coupon for their store!

If you aren’t comfortable with so striking of a color, then I recommend Essie Opera. This shade was recommended by Elle Magazine a few months ago as a great silver with “less bling,” and I definitely agree. Pictured here is my mani in Opera (2 coats, click the image to enlarge it), and you can see that while it is shiny and silver, it’s definitely more neutral and much more likely to work in those conservative offices! Other options for silver metallics include the new Essie Loophole (a true silver with much more shine, think the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz), Essie Saba Silver and Sterling Silver have the same bright silver shade but with less shine.

Finally, while you’re working on that new silver mani, make sure to check out these great tips from Cincyfan over at All Lacquered Up, she has some great tips on making your feet ready for all that exposure they’ll get this season! Other tips I can add (in addition to how to best clean up your nails, and Michelle has already mentioned my tip in her post!) is to use the Artemis Pedicure helper below, and to make sure you moisturize your feet daily! If your feet are particularly dry, a lotion like Amlactin would be great, the formula is meant to help penetrate those dry areas. Amlactin is available to buy without a prescription, but is expensive so you usually will need to get it from the pharmacist, who is hiding it away behind the counter. I bought mine at Costco!

People Magazine
All Lacquered Up
Amlactin 12% Lotion


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