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Makeup Wars! The Battle of the Taupe Shadows: Wet ‘N Wild Nutty For the Win!

I’m really, really excited about today’s post! This is the first of what I hope will be many Makeup Wars posts!

What exactly does that mean?

A few weeks ago I was putting on a new shadow. I had picked it up randomly at Walmart, and I was really impressed with the color, how well it blended, etc. (More on that shadow in a bit.) And yes, I fully admit that while I was putting on my new taupe shadow, I was thinking about my friend, Pink Sith, and her love of Taupe. She has over 130 taupe posts on her blog. She is continually featuring ones that I can’t have because they have been discontinued. And I swear that some day, I am going to visit her home and just play in the pretty taupe shadows.

Anyways, I was thinking of her love of taupe and wondering what her favorite drugstore taupe shadow is, and then my other blogger friends… Somehow I created a little group of bloggers (well, there are actually 19 of us) and every 2 weeks or so we’ll be posting coordinated posts like this one. Today you’ll see everyone’s favorite taupe shadows, but we have other ideas and fun challenges in the works for the future! After the post below you’ll be able to just click the arrow button to get to the next post or you can skip around to look at the other taupe shadows.

Nutty has somehow become one of my go-to shadows for my crease area. It is well pigmented but not too dark for my super pale skin, has some depth to it (meaning it isn’t simply a flat matte blah thing) but it is very neutral and pairs really well with other shadows. A few swipes of Nutty in the crease (I go back and forth like a windshield wiper) and my eye makeup suddenly looks much more professional.

I thought I’d share my other 2 favorite drugstore taupes as well. It is really hard to say that I love any of them more or less than the others. These 3 shadows live on my counter top and they aren’t likely to be moving any time soon!

Beauty Blogger Makeup Wars! Battle of the Taupe Shadows

What taupe shadow does Pammy Blogs Beauty love so much that she has not only repurchased it, but also hit pan on it again? Its MAC’s Satin Taupe!

Phyrra has more taupes in her makeup collection than she expected, but her weapon of choice is Fyrinnae Damn Paladins.

Beauty and Fashion Tech compares MAC Satin Taupe and NARS Lhasa

Beautiful Makeup Searchhas a drawer full of taupe eye shadows but uses Urban Decay’s Midnight Rodeo more than any other, so she had to declare it her fave.

The Pink Sith has found a taupe from FACE atelier called Metallic Taupe to tempt you. See where it falls on the taupe scale of awsomeness.

Over at Beauty411 you can check out MUFE Aqua Cream 02. Did Nancy love it?

Marcia from Beauty Info Zone repeats an old favorite for her Taupe Makeup Wars choice. See which it is.

Cindy from Prime Beauty tried out Burberry Pale Barley. Did the plaid live up to the hype?

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic fell in love with Wet’n’Wild Nutty Eye Shadow. Somehow it makes her look amazing for just $2.

Raging Rouge selects her favorite taupe shadow MAC Satin Taupe, without a second thought.

Retrodiva realizes that she doesn’t have any taupe shadows at all! Find out which one she chose to review for Makeup Wars.

Brooke from BlushingNoir shows you how to use Tarte SLATE Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow to make all taupes play well together.

Jessika tells us her dirty secret – the polish insomniac is not just obsessed with polish! Check out her favorite uber affordable taupe shadow from Wet n Wild!

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I purchased the Wet’N’Wild and L’Oreal, but the Milani shadow was provided for consideration.

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  1. 6.18.12
    Teri said:

    For $2? I'm grabbing this today!

  2. 6.18.12
    Raven said:

    The Wet N Wild trio Silent Treatment has a lovely Taupe in it as well.

  3. 6.18.12

    Great choices Christine! Isn't Bronzed Taupe from L'Oreal just gorgeous!!! The more that I use those infallible 24hr shadows, the further in love I fall with them! Great post!!!

  4. 6.18.12

    P.S. I still think that you "need" MAC's Satin Taupe!!!

  5. 6.18.12

    You can come over and play with my taupe shadows any time. They certainly don't get enough love because I only have 2 eyes. I early like the look of the WnW Nutty. I have resisted purchasing this, but now that I see it in all of it's glory I think I must picket up!! Great post!

  6. 6.18.12

    omg @ that L'Oreal taupeeeee…. I have no idea if I have it… I must check lol the WnW is awesome too, of course. They do some GREAT shadows.

  7. 6.18.12

    Affordable? taupe? Awesome

  8. 6.18.12

    Looks like a very complex taupe, I will definitely be picking this up on my next drugstore run!

  9. 6.18.12
    Carleen said:

    Very pretty! Plus you gotta love the great value on this one!

  10. 6.18.12
    Nancy said:

    Love all 3 of your picks! Something tells me I'm going to have a whole new taupe collection, thanks to Makeup Wars, lol!

  11. 6.18.12
    Phyrra said:

    I really love the looks of the Milani shadow.

  12. 6.18.12

    I just took out Nutty the other day. It's getting worn tomorrow now. I always forget about it.

  13. 6.18.12
    Christine said:

    I'm seriously going to have to go and buy soooo many new taupe eye shadows! And yes, I'll be buying Satin Taupe!

  14. 6.19.12
    Julie P said:

    Great idea for a post! Now I know what color taupe.

  15. 6.19.12
    soonermom said:

    If I could only use one eyeshadow for the rest of my life (please don't make me! lol) it would be WnW Nutty. Great choice!

  16. 6.19.12

    One of my favorite brown taupes! I love that we both did WnW – Nutty is one of those shades that can convince MAC snobs to go drugstore!