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Get the Look: Amazing Waves and A Quick Chignon

easy and fast waves

I initially published the tutorial for these looks back in the fall of 2014, and recently stumbled upon it. I felt it was worth republishing, because this is the perfect day to night hair for holiday parties.

I love how the waves created here by hairstylist Eiji Yamane of Eiji Salon for the Zang Toi Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Show, are both casual but polished. A little change and they are turned into a quick and sophisticated chignon. This is the perfect change up for heading out after work.

Easy to follow hair tutorial for getting waves

Look One: Beachy But Polished Waves

What You’ll Need:

Note, Rene Furter products were used for this look
Detangling Spray
Sculpting Gel
1.5″ Curling Iron
Glossing Spray, no longer available, my favorite alternative
Vegetal Finishing Spray

To Get the Look:

1. The style was started on dry hair. Hair was parted in the middle and lightly sprayed with water. If hair was tangled, Detangling Spray was misted throughout the hair and combed through.

2. Hair was then sectioned off and starting at the bottom layer a little Sculpting Gel was evenly distributed to the hair. The hair was then dried straight to prepare for the waves.

3. Once the hair was smooth, a 1.5″ curling iron was used to create curls. Use random pieces of hair and curl in opposite directions to add variety to the curls. Note that the curls are a little loose and they start at about the level of the ears and go down to the very end of the hair. For the show, models had extensions added as well.

4. A few sprays of shine spray were used to add shine and then hair was sprayed with Vegetal Finishing Spray for hold.

best chignon, low bun for after work

Look Two: Low, Sophisticated Chignon

What You’ll Need:

Styling Wax
Hair Pins

To Get the Look:

1. The look was created very quickly backstage in the middle of the show. First, hair was smoothed with a small amount of Styling Wax.

2. The hair was then pulled back to the nape of the neck and twisted into a very low chignon (which literally just means a bun at the nape of the neck) and pins were used to secure it in place. The hair was pulled out slightly to make it frame the face and look a bit more casual.

Photo Credits: Paul Quitoriano for René Furterer
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  1. 11.17.18
    Adel said:

    woah, they look really cool, I guess I will try it this weekend, thanks for the nice posts, keep us updated! 🙂