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How I’m Styling My Hair with Virtue: Product Picks

Best Virtue Products for Curling Your Hair

On Instagram I’ve been sharing a peek at my latest hair care obsession, Virtue. I’ve been raving especially about the Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner, and I’ve been using the Restorative Treatment Mask weekly (I’m at the point that I just automatically put one in my Sephora cart to include with every order). I’ve mentioned all of the styling products, but I haven’t really said how I’m using them. You can find all of these products at Sephora, and most come in travel size options as well!

Beachy Curls

My favorite way to style my hair is to curl it! Prepping my hair correctly can make my curls last until my next hair washing, which is usually 3-4 days away.

I start by applying 6-In-1 Styler, which adds softness, shine and protects my hair from heat damage as well! I’m big fan of hair with volume, so I spray Volumizing Primer throughout the roots to about 3-4 inches down my hair. Finally, I add a pump of The Perfect Ending Split End Serum to just the ends of my hair. I then roughly blow dry my hair until it’s dry, but since I’ll be curling it eventually I don’t worry about getting a perfectly smooth finish.

When I’m ready to curl my hair, I section it out and spray a bit of Texturizing Spray to the lengths of my hair. This extra step makes the biggest difference in low long my curls last! Once my hair is curled, I smooth a bit of Healing Oil through the curls to add shine and smooth them down a bit.


Product Picks for Straightening Your Hair by Virtue


Hair Straightening

This summer has been extra humid already, I’m not used to this amount of humidity until July! But I’ve been able to combat the frizz with the right combination of products and a few styling tips.

First, I prep my hair with Un-Frizz Cream throughout the lengths, starting at about 1-2 inches from the roots through the tips. I then spray Volumizing Primer throughout the roots to about 3-4 inches down my hair. It adds just the right amount of volume without making my hair feel overly full of product. Finally, I apply a small amount (about a nickel sized dollop) of The Perfect Ending Split End Serum to just the ends of my hair.

I find that my hair can withstand the humidity much better if I dry it until it is 100% dry, and then add a couple extra minutes. We all get impatient when drying our hair, and just want it to be over! But getting as much of the water out as possible, and adding a little time to be extra sure, makes my style look better and last much longer.

After my hair has been straightened, section by section, I smooth everything out with a bit of Healing Oil.


How have you been styling your hair lately? Are you dealing with humidity like I am?


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This post is a collaboration with Virtue and Sephora. But all opinions and tips are my own!

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