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Finally, A Razor That Travels Easily: Gillette Venus Snap Review

Gillette Venus Snap Review
So yes. I spent a lot of money on laser hair removal last year, but that just means that I’m no longer a Wookie. I still have to shave, but it’s about once every week or so. In the summer when I swim a lot, I shave a little more often (about every 4-5 days) simply because I like to be super smooth in the pool. Which means that I still take a razor with me when I travel.

Gillette Venus Snap Review
Have you seen this amazing little razor from Gillette? I admit that I’m a razor snob, I only use Venus blades, usually the ones with Olay integrated into them. This small handle works perfectly with my regular Venus blades, but is smaller and easier to pack up. Despite the small size, it fits well in my hand and I don’t feel like it’s difficult to maneuver.

Gillette Venus Snap Review
It even comes with this cute little carrying case! Which yes, kind of negates the smaller size when packing, but I like that it has little holes in it to allow any excess water to drain out. I think the case is perfect if you’re going to be taking the razor to the gym for example. I likely will just pack a new blade and the handle for a trip, then throw away the blade before I leave. Less to bring home!

You can find the Gillette Venus Snap Razor at Amazon, Target, and Walmart
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