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Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion Review

Urban Decay Primer Potion Shadow Primer Review

I’ve talked about my issues applying eye shadow properly in the past. A big part of my issue was that by the time lunch came around, anything that I had applied was gone. I thought this was something I was doing wrong, but probably it was a combination of not preparing my lid and using cheap eye shadow. I know that “in theory” I should be downsizing my morning routine. But, the 15 seconds applying Primer Potion each morning is well worth it!

Urban Decay Primer Potion primer comes in a tube, and is applied almost like a lip gloss. I apply with a finger and let it dry for a few minutes while finishing my hair. The primer blends right into my lids, and I can’t even tell it is there. Then, when I go to apply my eye shadow, the shadow applies much more smoothly, is easier to blend, and best of all everything looks great when I get home about 11 hours later!

I’ve tried other versions of eye shadow primer since buying this one, but they paled in comparison to this one. This primer is well worth the time and money that it adds to anyone’s morning routine.

You can buy Urban Decay Primer Potion at Sephora
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  1. 2.3.07

    You probably know that this is my favorite primer of all time! I always had eyelid creases before I started using this primer, now I never use eyeshadow without it!

  2. 2.3.07
    Christine said:

    I know! It is amazing, and I was so excited when I saw it on your blog too!

  3. 1.4.08
    mizkisses said:

    I got this for Christmas from my sister! It’s really great for Asian eyes since our eyelids are smaller and a lot of eyeshadow just ends up creasing and getting everywhere else. I love it this primer!