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Trish McEvoy No 3 Snowdrop & Crystal Flowers Fragrance

Trish McEvoy N° 3 Snowdrop & Crystal Flowers

I have to admit that I was very surprised by this fragrance. Partially because I went straight from testing out Black Rose Oud to this scent. When I hear “snow” in the name of a scent all I can think is “powder”. I expected this scent to be a big powder-fest. Thank goodness, there’s not a hint of powder!

Top Notes: Lychee water, sparkling berry, clementine blossoms
Middle Notes: Sheer freesia, pink peony, jasmine mist
Base Notes: Sensual Musk, teakwood, whipped vanilla

The scent smelled the same on me the entire time I wore it, there was no dry down. The scent is definitely mostly a white floral with the freesia and peony predominating on me, but the sparkling berry and lychee are there to keep everything fresh and there is just a tiny bit of the musk in the background.

This scent is delicate and somewhat demure. A white floral scent that isn’t too floral, I found that it still felt fresh and green but at the same time understated and elegant. I imagine this is the scent that a fashion elite would wear in the spring time with their floral dress (because really, isn’t every spring “the” year for floral?) to feel season appropriate but not like a granny.

The staying power of this fragrance is pretty amazing. While it does fade somewhat throughout the day, I can still smell it on myself at bedtime, about 14 hours later.

You can buy this fragrance at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s or Neiman Marcus.

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  1. 10.23.11

    Oooh sounds amazing. I'm so not a powder scented girl either!

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