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Transition from Day to Night: How Often Do You Change Your Hair?

StyleHaul just posted this video over on YouTube. For me, it brought up an interesting question. Do you transition your hair like this throughout the day? How often do you change it up? I will make occasional changes, but mostly for different events/times of day, such as going out for dinner. And usually not on the fly like this.

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I’m a doctor, a mommy and a bit of a beauty addict. If you let me, I can take 2 hours to get ready in the morning. Really. I'm on a quest for faster beauty that works!

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  1. 9.10.12

    I sometimes start with my hair down and then scoop it into a loose bun later in the day. Sometimes when I'm bored or on the subway, I'll make a small braid on the side to leave hanging or pull back with a cute vintage-y jeweled barrette. My hair is really fine and straight, so I can't go from up-to-down because it always shows the dents from the earlier style.