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Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Review: Perfect Highlighter in Little Hearts?

Too Faced Sweetheart Beads ReviewFirst, I probably should admit that these beads are so cute that they could pretty much do anything, good or bad, and I’d still want to open the little cardboard container and peek at them all the time. Look! Little hearts!

These beads come in cute and flattering colors like pink, a light golden shade, tan… the idea is that when blended together they create a great finish with a “lit-from-within radiance” and a hint of shimmer.

In truth…. there’s a lot of frost and shimmer in here. Like, a lot. Even a light dusting around my face is too much, it seems to catch in strange places on my skin and give me wrinkles that I didn’t know I had (and really, I can’t see otherwise, so I am choosing to believe they are fake wrinkles. Not there.) There wasn’t really any color visible, but the issue was the shimmer/frostiness.

So, I’ve been using the beads as a highlighter. A smallish blush brush works great with the container, then I can apply to my cheekbones, around my eyes a little, my chin and down the middle of my nose. Very light is all you need, and then I have a barely visible shimmer, no color is visible, but it is just the perfect amount to catch the light.

So, all over cute Sweetheart Beads = probably bad for anyone over 30. (Which yes, is definitely me.) But, cute Sweetheart Beads as a very subtle highlight, yes that works!

Too Faced
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  1. 4.4.13

    These heart beads are just too cute. I love the way they look! I'm over 30 so I would be careful with a product with shimmer. Heaven forbid my wrinkles would show anymore than they already do . LOL 🙂
    Thanks for the great review! I was on the fence about this product.

    xx, Gina

  2. 4.4.13

    Wow looking so cute little hearts !!