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Teen Makeup Kit by Elle: What Another Teen Would Pick!

Nothing to Disclose

Teen Makeup KitToday I want to share another Teen Makeup kit, today from Elle! Over on my friend Kelly’s Teen Makeup Kit, Elle had a lot of great recommendations. I asked her to share her picks with everyone. She’s a recent high school graduate, so she’s definitely closer to Karen in age than I am.

Teen Makeup Kit Eye Makeup
• e. l. f. Eyelid Primer ($1.00)
• Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection in Comfort Zone ($4.99)
• e. l. f. Liquid Eyeliner in Coffee($1.00)
• Wet N Wild MegaPlump Mascara ($3.99)

This eye primer is great to start with since it’s so inexpensive and will work on just about everyone. If you have extremely oily eyelids or are very active, consider purchasing one of the other two primers listed below.

For shadows, I highly recommend Comfort Zone as a starter palette. The shadows are gorgeous, apply easily, and are very pigmented but the real reason I choose this palette is the tutorials! There are many amazing tutorials on YouTube by women of all shapes and colors using this exact palette! If you are new to makeup application, it can be very helpful to watch step-by-step instructions. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a quick chart on the back of the palette for reference.

The liner I recommend is a brown with a very thin brush: perfect for adding a little definition or even taking it thicker if you go to a dance or other special occasion.

Finally, the mascara is fantastic and I would recommend it to anybody regardless of budget!

Teen Makeup Kit Face Items
• Physician’s Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm ($14.99)
• Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush in Pearlescent Pink ($2.99)

If your skin is clear enough or if you have freckles you want to show off, skip the BB cream and just use a sunscreen every day. If you have acne, use an acne cream with benzoyl peroxide in a thin layer on your problem areas underneath your sunsceen/BB cream. The blush is nice and shimmery and will complement any eye look you make using the Comfort Zone palette.

Teen Makeup Kit Lip Gloss• Wet N Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in Crystal Clear ($1.99)

You are young and these are your lip gloss days!

Total Cost: $30.95!

Teen Makeup Kit Optional Items• Jesse’s Girl Eyeshadow Primer ($5.99) or Wet N Wild Take On the Day Eye Primer ($5.49)
• e. l. f. Liquid Eyeliner in Copper ($1.00)
• Physician’s Formula Sun Shield For Face ($8.95)
• NYX Round Case Lipstick in Iris ($4.49)

Teen Makeup Kit BrushesOn the topic of brushes: All products I listed that require a brush come with an applicator, so buying brushes right now isn’t necessary. $30 is already close enough to a day’s wages (or more if you are working part-time!) for a minimum wage earner so I wouldn’t try to get a teen to buy these things yet. But! Once you do feel like buying brushes, I so highly recommend Ecotools or realTechniques.

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  1. 5.7.13
    Rachel said:

    I love the Comfort Zone eye shadows – they are gorgeous and so versatile! Do you know if I can get them in the UK?

  2. 5.7.13

    I don't think Wet 'n Wild is for sale in the UK, though you might be able to order online pretty easily. I know it is online from sites like Drugstore.com, Target.com and even on eBay. It's a cheap but good quality drugist line here in the US. I hope that helps!

  3. 5.8.13
    Elle said:

    So beautiful! Thank you!

  4. 5.9.13
    Julie said:

    The wet n wild comfort zone palette is so pretty. Love the shades and they are def perfect for teens.

  5. 5.19.13
    Rachel said:

    Found it on Ebay – thanks a million! x