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Ask a Beauty Blogger: Stop Feathering Lippies!

Feathering lipstick, aging lipsFortunately, this is a problem I only seem to have with a few red lipsticks. No matter how young you are, or how perfectly you line your lips, there is always a lipstick that will bleed on to your skin. Luckily there are a few reverse lip liners to prevent this from happening. While concealer will sometimes help, what you really need is a product that basically creates a barrier around your lips to prevent your lippie from bleeding out all over your skin.
Lipstick PrimerMy favorite is the Soothing Lip Primer from Simply Vera Wang. Some reverse lip liners are just that: a lip liner. A waxy pencil you line carefully around your lip, honestly that’s kind of annoying.

The Soothing Lip Primer is a lotion (that does have a very slightly waxy feel) that goes on with a fingertip on the skin around your lips, this makes it much easier and faster to apply. I use it over makeup, and you really only need the very smallest of amounts. A pea sized amount is about 8 or 10 applications for me. So, yes, very little! Smooth it around and you’re done.

1 little tube is $32.50, but will last for pretty much forever. You can only get it at Kohl’s.

Soothing Lip Primer from Simply Vera Wang

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  1. 2.9.13
    scully said:

    Thank you for answering my question! I will try the Soothing Lip Primer as well!

    Have a great weekend!