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Spa Sonic Review: A Cheaper Clarisonic Alternative

Spa Sonic ReviewYou may have noticed that I talk about my Clarisonic a lot. Like, really, a lot. I love that it helps my skin feel so fresh and clean, does a little light exfoliation and I can use it every day if I want. It’s even waterproof so I can use it in the shower if I want. However, the Clarisonic can be a tad expensive, and in the past I’ve looked at other deep cleansing brushes, and today I have another affordable option to share with you.

The Spa Sonic is available at stores like Target.com, Costco.com and Drugstore.com, and to help get their name out there they very nicely sent me a unit to try out.

What comes in the spa sonic boxThe Spa Sonic unit comes with a coule of different attachements.
• 2 soft facial brushes: They’re small and have very soft bristles. Think of those manual facial brushes you can buy, but this one clicks on to a rotating base.
• Facial buffer: It has the consistency of a makeup sponge, but a little stiffer.
• Body Brush: Much larger and a little stiffer than the facial brush, as far as I can tell the colors are just there for decoration because I can’t really tell a difference between the white and blue bristles.
• Pumice Stone: Yes, SUPER AMAZING for your feet!

Up Close Pictures of the Spa SonicThe unit is pretty simple. It has an easy on/off button, a rubbery grip so you won’t drop it, because yes, it is waterproof. That’s definitely one advantage over other Clarisonic alternatives, some of them are only water resistant. Which means you can’t take them in the shower with you.

Spa Sonic and Clarisonic ComparisonI have a Clarisonic Plus, so I decided that they should be compared. You can see that the Spa Sonic is a bit thinner, and the facial brush is smaller for the Spa Sonic.

The movements of the two brushes are different. The Spa Sonic spins, while the Clarisonic does much smaller and faster movements. I took a video to show the difference, and somehow in the video things were moving so fast that they appeared slower? Strange. They both move quite a bit faster than shown in the video, but you’ll get the idea of how they move.

After trying out the Spa Sonic, I’d say it isn’t quite a Clarisonic, but it’s really very nice. The handle is substantial, the rubber grip is really nice in the shower. I don’t mind the loss of the beeps my Clarisonic gives me telling me to move areas of my face, because I ignore those anyways. The smaller facial brush of the Spa Sonic is easier to navigate around my nose, but I like the different strengths options of the Clarisonic brushes. I really loved the pumice stone option on the Spa Sonic, especially on my heels. You do have to be careful to not overdo it, but my feet were soft in no time!

The Spa Sonic is $69, but until May 5th it will be $44.99 at Drugstore.com!

Spa Sonic
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  1. 4.18.13
    Liz Grace said:

    I just recently got a Spa Sonic and I love it, especially in the shower. Though I haven't been brave enough to use it on my feet yet.

  2. 4.18.13
    Jaime said:

    We always read so much about the Clarisonic and it's good to see that bloggers know we can't always afford to spend $200 to wash our faces (even if we know we'd love the results). This is still too pricey for me but a great alternative if I ever have the cash.

  3. 4.18.13
    peg said:

    Thanks for that post! That was a lot of work comparing the two like that, and you didn't miss a thing! Great evaluation!

  4. 4.19.13
    Nadine said:

    Thanks for the review. After my Clarisonic died on me I thought I'd give the Spa Sonic a whirl, and I must admit it has impressed me.

  5. 4.19.13
    Linda said:

    This was very helpful. I have been considering trying a Clarisonic but just seemed to be too pricey! This might be a good alternative

  6. 4.20.13

    I like that they have the different heads for different features. That's pretty nice.

  7. 4.20.13
    J. said:

    Great review! I have another Clarisonic dupe that I am fairly happy with but this review made me want to try this one as well 🙂

  8. 4.21.13
    Linda O said:

    Thanks for this review. I got my Clarisonic as a gift and has been a die hard Clarisonic user ever since and didn't know there was any alternative. Like Nadine my Clarisonic jusr died on me and I'm looking to get a replacement. Good to know there is a cheaper alternative to consider.

  9. 6.11.13
    Anonymous said:

    Wow its really great device for Beauty and spa.I think everyone like it because it is easy to use for spa.

  10. 12.22.13
    Anonymous said:

    I was lucky enough t find a Spa Sonic at Winners for 39.99 last week. i love it.