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Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara Review

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara Review

My friend Amanda works at Sephora, and she recommended Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara to me. I should state that she has amazing lashes and everything works well on them. Mine are good, her’s are ahhh-mazing. (Quick aside to say hi to Amanda!) Apparently the Smashbox rep came in to Sephora, swiped a little of this across Amanda’s lashes and she was in love. I bought some within 24 hours!

Per the Smashbox website:

Inspired by the on-set technique of layering a lengthening fiber mascara over a volumizing formula, our new studio-tested mascara exposes your longest, fullest lashes. No clumps, no flakes. Just maximum-impact, scene-stealing lashes.
ā€¢ 104% increase in lash volume
ā€¢ 32% increase in lash length
ā€¢ 34-degree increase in lash curl

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, review

After all of those impressive looking numbers describing the effects of Full Exposure Mascara, a pic seems a tad anti-climatic. Really, I do think that the mascara looks good.

A few words of caution: The mascara tends to be goopy and can turn your lashes into spidery yucky lashes pretty easily. The mascara gets thick and sticks to the wand in big clumps. Easily avoided by wiping the wand with a kleenex. I know this is true of mascara, but it seems to be even extra true of this mascara. A small “nothing” clump that another mascara would laugh at becomes a much bigger issue with this mascara. Wipe the wand!

The brush really needs to be pushed on to the lashes to actually apply it. Once it is on there though… wow. This mascara does do a great job of adding length and volume. It can pick up every little lash and make it look huge.

At the end of the day my lashes barely deflated. No flakes or smudging in sight.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara is available at ULTA or Sephora

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  1. 9.27.11

    I can't stand clumps and I'm far too lazy to add an extra step to my routine. Thanks for saving me the money! Does look great though!

  2. 9.28.11
    Amanda said:

    aw, I'm blushing over here. šŸ˜‰ I didn't know you had gotten this! It looks like it added a ton of length to your lashes too.