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Sexual Fresh Perfume: A Light Fruity Floral With a Name You Should Ignore

First off, yes, I know that the name of this fragrance is awful. It really is. Don’t let that deter you from the perfume, or even from reading the rest of my review. When I first wore this scent, my husband said he liked it a lot and asked what the name was. “Sexual Fresh” I replied. “Oooh,” he made a face. “Good thing they sent it for free, I really like it but don’t think I could buy you a perfume with that name.”

So yes, the name is horrible. I think you should completely overlook the name for this fragrance. The fresh makes sense, but the Sexual? Really, it’s just part of a series from the brand. This isn’t a sexy fragrance at all. This is a great scent for all ages (and therefore a great holiday gift), so just overlook that when you’re picking up a bottle for your niece, ok?

Top Notes: Iced Ruby Grapefruit, Bergamot, Fresh Ginger, Cooling Cardamom
Middle Notes: Pink Peony, Star Jasmin, White Tea, Magnolia
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Sensual Musk, Precious Amber

So, the name Fresh really is a perfect description for this fragrance. This is a light and slightly fruity floral that is more sophisticated than most other fruity florals. It would be perfect for heading to class in college. It works for brunch out with your mom. I will be wearing to to work quite frequently since it isn’t obvious but rather a quiet “oh, look at me, I am wearing a subtle and pretty fruity floral” that will work perfectly for heading in to the hospital. I think it works whether you are 21 or 81. It is a great office/every day/special occasion fragrance. I’m not sure it works for heading out to the bar, but for your cousin’s black tie wedding or your office holiday party? This is perfect!

When I first apply, I smell mostly the grapefruit and cardamom with some magnolia in the background. They do balance each other out quite well, though after about 20-30 minutes the fragrance deepens as the grapefruit recedes a bit, though it never goes away completely. I think this is why the fruity note is so light and modern- rather than going for a mandarin note as many other fruity floral fragrances do, this fragrance features a lighter and more airy grapefruit. I smell a little bit more of the Star Jasmin mixing in with the Magnolia and just a touch of the amber comes in to warm things up and ground the whole fragrance.

I did have a little bit of a problem with staying power. I could no longer smell the scent on myself after about 6-8 hours, so consider reapplying or adding a few dabs to different pulse points than I use (I’m a neck and wrist girl), such as the back of your knee (really) when applying.

Available at Michel Germain

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  1. 11.2.11

    The scent sounds nice, the name…not so much.

  2. 11.3.11
    Lilllisal said:

    the name sounds like a feminine hygene product, LOL