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RevAir: The Latest Hair Dryer Splurge You’ll Want to Try

Revair blow dryer review

Have you heard of RevAir yet? This is a huge change in blowdryers. And I have to admit that I kind of love it.

This is a complete change from any other blow dryer. Instead of blowing air at your hair, this is basically a vacuum. It sucks your hair up in it, and as your hair is (gently) pulled, it dries your hair. There is heat involved, though the high heat setting is quite a bit lower than other dryers that I have used.

I filmed myself drying my hair this morning, so hopefully this gives you an idea of the results. It takes me 7 minutes start to finish to dry my wavy hair. My hair ends up softer and straighter than when I spend about 20-25 minutes with a traditional blow dryer and a flat iron. There’s a lot less heat exposure as well, which is great as I’m always trying to avoid damaging my hair!

Products I used:
Matrix Total Results High Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter
Brazilian Blowout Ionic Bonding Spray Step 3
Olaplex No 7 Bonding Oil

Revair results

Unexpected Benefit

I didn’t discuss it in the video, but you can feel very little of the heat on your head. Which is huge for my kids! My girls don’t like having any heat on their heads, and in the past my 8 yo only lets me dry her hair in the middle of the winter, my 4 yo says even the “cool shot” on my dryer is too hot for her head. Both of my kids like having their hair dried with the RevAir. I don’t know how this happened, but it did.

It is amazing! I only use 3 sections of hair for my 4 year old (she has thin, blond hair) and about 5 or 6 for her sister. It takes about 3-4 minutes to dry each of them. It’s amazing! We haven’t had to go out with wet hair, and if they’re cold after washing their hair, I now have the option of drying it.

Things I’m not a fan of

So, first the RevAir is expensive. There are sales and coupons out there, so be sure to watch for them! I do think this is worth the splurge for me. Even if I didn’t use it on myself, and only on my 2 girls, then it would be worth it. The time saving and results are worth it for me, my hair feels like I just got out of the salon.

Second, the machine is large. It is currently sitting on my vanity, but I think I might need to clear out a drawer to store it in. Likely my lipstick drawer (yes, I have one), so I’m likely purging a lot of unworn colors soon. The RevAir is more important to me though! I’ll find a new place for the lip colors.

The large size also makes it impossible to travel with. I used the RevAir twice and then went out of town for about 2 weeks. I missed it already! I was happy to get home to it, from a hair stand point.

I’ve already been recommending this dryer to friends and family. I’m off to purge my lipstick drawer to make it a permanent home!

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