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Quick Summer Beauty Updates with Sephora

Quick Summer Beauty Updates with Sephora

Summer has definitely started here in Michigan! My kids are home from school, it’s hot and humid, and as a result I’ve been making a lot of adjustments to my beauty routine. Usually this means just swapping out to a lighter coverage foundation, maybe adding in a mattifying primer if my t-zone is looking a bit shinier than I prefer (this is my favorite, the splurge is worth it).

This year, my summer swap outs and changes weren’t exactly thought out, they’re items that have caught my eye as I’ve been shopping at Sephora, or that I’ve heard were amazing. The end result is basically concentrating less on makeup (and wearing less) and summer skincare upgrades, especially for my body. What makeup I am wearing, I’m using a less is more approach, but I’m also expecting the colors to pop a bit, and also stick around.

Quick reminder, that this is the perfect time to sign up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider program if you’re not already a member. It’s free, and has perks like Free Standard Shipping, Birthday Gifts, and exclusive access to products. You’ll earn points to put toward perks as well. I love to use my points toward discounts, but they’ve also added a huge number of items to the product perks! It’s great for trying out something new or snagging a travel sized version of a favorite product.


Cay Skin Isle Glow Products

Adding Some Glow, and a lot of Sun Protection

Like a magpie, I’m always drawn to shimmer. Every summer I try out a variety of shimmer body products, and it never works quite as well as I’d like. Either the glitter is huge and chunky, it makes me smell like a coconut, or it’s just yet another product to add to my routine.

Here are the perfect shimmer products for summer: Cay Skin Isle Glow Face Moisturizer SPF 45 and Isle Glow Body Lotion  SPF 45. Both have a high SPF value, and the “shimmer” is just enough to make your skin look glowy in the sun, but there’s no obvious glitter or chunky bits. Even with my fair skin, the golden tone works! I love that with 1 product I’m moisturizing, applying sunscreen and making myself glowy. Typically that’s 3 steps!

Cay Skin swatch

A little extra info about Isle Glow Face Moisturizer. I have slightly dry/normal skin (I used to be more classic combination, but I’m drying out as I age) and I thought this was just the right amount of hydration for my skin in the summer. The lotion absorbs really quickly, and it is a great prep for under makeup. It does have a little bit of a shimmery/pearlescent cast, but it’s just right to make me look glowy. I do not feel like I need to use a foundation afterwards, it makes my skin look that good. I’ve been pairing it with creamy products (blush and concealer) and skipping powder. The end result is a natural and glowy look, perfect for summer!

Paula's Choice BHA Body Lotion

Body Skincare Actives

For a really long time I’ve been very particular about the skin care ingredients for my face skincare. I look for moisturizers that won’t feel too heavy, peptides and antioxidants to fight aging… my requirement list is somewhat unrealistic. But for my body I tend to look for… something that smells good? Maybe helps my skin not flake off in the next 12 hours? Last winter I decided to up my body skincare game a bit, and actually start looking for ingredients my skin would enjoy. I ended up falling for this body cream from Caudalie, but I need something amazing for the summer!

Instead of finding one perfect product, I’ve found two. During the day I’m using Cay Skin Isle Glow Body Lotion  SPF 45, which has Ferulic Acid (great antioxidant), lots of moisturizers that don’t feel heavy on my skin, and SPF 45. And don’t forget that glow…

At night, I’ve been adding Paula’s Choice Weightless Body Treatment 2% BHA to any problem areas. In the summer, work is a super air-conditioned and arid environment. At home, I spend a lot of time in and out of the pool. As much as I use scrubs and hydrate, I would love a little extra exfoliation. This lotion has been absolutely perfect for that! I apply to any areas I’m feeling dry or rough, and the next morning I’m super soft, without any irritation.

Fenty Poutsicle

The Lip Stain I’ve been Looking For

For years I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect lip stain. I want it to work quickly, applying 3 layers of product 2 minutes apart is just not something I have time to incorporate into my routine. I want it to actually stain my lips, rather than just being a long lasting liquid lipstick. I want it to add all day color, rather than wearing off before my 2nd cup of coffee. And finally, since it has actually stained my lips, I want to be able to apply my favorite lip treatment products over the top. So many of the products I’ve found hit one or two of those points, but I’ve yet to find one that excels at all of them.

Enter the new Fenty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain. This really is the lip stain that can do all of that! It sold out very quickly on Sephora’s site when it was released, and I thought that was mostly because it’s from Fenty and Rihanna initially, but the hype for this lip stain has made it continue to sell out as soon as it gets restocked. It feels a little creamy, applies quickly and the color pay off is real. It lasts forever. See this picture of me wearing it? I applied in the morning, worked outside in the heat and did chores around the house. I put both of my favorite lip treatments over it (from Algenist and Dior), and this is how it looked mid-afternoon. After lunch and snacks. Without reapplication. This is Mai Tai, a slightly blue based bright pink. There are currently 4 shades, I’m hoping more shades will be released as this becomes a cult favorite.

Wearing Fending Poutsicle

What products have you added to your beauty routine this summer? I would love to know!

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This post is a collaboration with Sephora, but the product choices and opinions are all mine.

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