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Pregnancy Safe Products from d’Alba

Pregnancy safe beauty products can be super difficult and confusing. I have an entire guide devoted to what products are safe to use while pregnant including information on what ingredients to avoid while pregnant and a huge list of pregnancy safe skincare products.

Here you’ll find pregnancy safe products from d’Alba as of 6/27/2024. If it is not safe, I’ll tell you why. All of the products meet my pregnancy safe criteria. Note I will link to every product directly to avoid confusion. You’ll know exactly which product I mean.

FYI, product names are taken from the product labels, not how the d’Alba site named items.

Pregnancy and Nursing Safe Products from d’Alba

Balancing Vegan Cleanser
Balancing Vegan Cream
Balancing Vegan Toner
Double Serum All In One Multi Balm
Intensive Volufiline Ampoule
Nourishing Serum Lip Balm
Reparing Hair Perfume Serum
Waterfull Vegan Sleeping Pack
White Truffle Double Serum & Cream

Not Safe for Pregnancy, Ok for Nursing

Aromatic Spray Serum: Licorice Root
Daily mild cica calming pad: Gluconolactone
Deep Clean Foam Cleanser: Salicylic Acid
Double Layer Revitalizing Serum: Licorice Root
First Spray Serum: Licorice Root
Intensive Volufiline Spray Ampoule: Licorice Root
Scalp Therapy Serum Shampoo: Salicylic Acid
UV Essence Waterfull Essence Sunscreen: Chemical Sunscreens, Salicylate
UV Essence Waterfull Mild Sunscreen: Chemical Sunscreens, Salicylate
UV Essence Waterfull Tone-up Sunscreen: Chemical Sunscreens
White Truffle Aromatic Body Mist Serum: Licorice Root
White Truffle Double Moisture Cream: Licorice Root
White Truffle First Aromatic Toner: Gluconolactone
White Truffle Nourishing Treatment Mask: Licorice Root
Vital Spray Serum: Licorice Root

Not Safe for Pregnancy or Nursing

White Truffle Body Cleanser: Retinoid, Chemical Sunscreen
White Truffle Return Oil Cream Cleanser: Retinoid

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