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Poke A Dot: A Makeup Organizer Unlike Anything Else


I’m a sucker for organizers, makeup bags, drawer dividers… you name it, if it holds stuff, I want to try it out. And I’m convinced that it will completely change my life. And let’s be honest, most of the items do help me contain my stuff, but they mostly just sit there or perform the same function as the item they replaced before them.

When I was asked to try out the Poke a Dot, I was super excited! Here was something that organizes, but it does actually function differently then my other products. It fulfills a few functions, and easily transitions between them.

The Poke a Dot is a system rather than just one product. It’s pretty versatile in my opinion, and this is perfect for storing your makeup at home (for me it would be my daily basics, I have too much stuff to make it store everything), it could keep things organized for travel or the gym if you want to bring a lot of things with you. It would also be amazing in your desk drawer at work, if you want to have nicely organized makeup with you, but out of sight.

The entire thing starts with the container. The container is heavy duty, but somehow relatively light weight. The plastic is apparently even dishwasher safe, which is great if you decide to use the lid as a make up mixing palette.

There is a grid of star shaped holes in the bottom, and you can slot the plastic “walls” into place wherever you want, they can even go in diagonally! The dividers are very easy to move around, but they stay in place. You can fit quite a bit into the Poke a Dot (it’s pretty large, it’s 8″ x 10″ x 2.5″ tall), so there’s more than enough space to include everything you’d need including your brushes.

great makeup organizer
great travel organizer

Once you have your makeup and brushes organized and compartmentalized the way you want them, you can put the lid on and go. The lid is pretty secure, but you can also buy a separate bag to slide the entire thing into. The bag is actually made out of a vinyl/rubber material, but looks really intricate with the texture on the surface. It snaps closed, so it protects the Poke a Dot, and makes sure that it doesn’t somehow get bumped open. I would recommend the bag if you’ll be traveling with it frequently, but if you’re planning to use the Poke a Dot at home or just in your office at work, then you won’t need a bag.

I’m planning to keep my Poke a Dot at work, where I do sometimes need makeup touch ups, or even a full look! There are days (and nights) that I spend a lot of time at the hospital. But I’m planning to likely use it for travel as well, so watch for it in future travel beauty posts.

You can find the Poke a Dot at their website and over on The Grommet
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