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Nina by Nina Ricci Perfume: If You Love Apple, You Need This

Nina by Nina Ricci Perfume

I have a friend that loves pear notes. If there is a fragrance with a pear note, Donna will absolutely love it. I’ve been that way with blackberry notes and recently I’m coming around to apple notes. Is there a gourmand trend afoot?

Nina isn’t a new fragrance (it’s been out since 2006), but it is definitely one of my favorite gourmands. It is a sweet apple-citrus blend that doesn’t come across as too sweet. Initially I get a blast of lemon-lime, though after about 10 minutes they settle down a bit and the Apple starts to come out. It is easily identified as the Vanilla-infused Red Toffee Apple note, though it isn’t too sweet. The lemon-lime is still there to keep it in check somewhat, and I really love this stage of the fragrance.

Top Notes: Calabrian Lemon, Caipirinha Lime
Middle Notes: Peony Petals, Moonflower, Vanilla-infused Red Toffee Apple
Base Notes: Applewood, White Cedar

Finally, about 30-40 minutes after applying, the fragrance settles in to what it will be for the “long haul”, as the peony comes out and the apple fades back a bit. As much as I love the apple, I do think that being “all apple all the time” would be a bit too much. I prefer when it shares the stage a bit with the peony, while there is still a little bit of the lemon-lime around to keep the vanilla and the apple from being too sweet.

This is a fun and playful fragrance that is perfect for the summer! I can see myself spritzing this on to go wander around Art Fair, to head outside with my daughter to play, or just for running errands. I might not wear it to work since it is a bit too strong for the hospital, though if I worked in an office it would be just fine.

You can buy Nina by Nina Ricci Perfume at Amazon.

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  1. 5.13.12
    Anonymous said:

    I don't know if I'd really want a "gourmand" perfume. Doesn't gourmand imply overeating? On the other hand, maybe it would inspire whomever I was with to take me out for dinner!