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My Favorite Pedicure Colors

Product Sent for Review Bought it Myself

Favorite Pedicure Colors
Pictured Essie shades, from top left, counterclockwise: Hip-Anema, In the Cabana, First Timer, The Girls are Out, Sunday Funday, Rock the Boat
It’s pedicure season again, and while I’ve had the best of intentions, I fully admit that this weekend I took off my chipping nail polish (it had been on for about 4 weeks) and haven’t had a chance to put on more. Today is the day, my friends. So, it was especially appropriate that the nice people over at Martha Stewart sent me pics of June’s beauty article, and it was all about pedicures and colors and great pedi tips!

(I’m not sure how they discovered me and started sending me the articles, but I’m always inspired by Martha, so I’m going to keep sharing!)

One product mentioned in the article is Baby Foot’s Foot Exfoliate Peel, which kind of looks amazing. Has anyone tried it? I need to order it!

Read on to see my pedicure color picks

the best colors of nail polish for a pedicure
I tend to be more adventurous with my pedicure colors than I am my mani colors, but I’m especially drawn to bright pink shades. The Essie Plumberry is the color I wear about 80% of the time, in part because my husband always says that he likes it.

What’s your go-to pedi color?

Martha Stewart
Photo by Yasu + Junko. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright ©2013.

Product Sent for Review Bought it Myself
Note that I’m sure that I’ve received some of these shades as a sample for consideration for feature on the blog, but other than the OPIs I’m not sure I remember which ones! I know I bought the Essies… sigh.

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  1. 5.27.13
    Salihah M said:

    I love O.P.I! And your blog is amazing, tbh and I'm now following!
    My blog: Teeniolect

  2. 5.27.13

    Oh my goodness! You have the new Clinique Nail Enamel! Do you think the formula is really so unique that people with sensitivities can wear it? How does it apply overall?

    I ask bc I'm actually on a polish no-buy right now. =( I'm that girl who sometimes gets dermatitis on her eyelids and I'm suspecting my nail polish.

    Once I'm done making sure some new eyeshadows, shadow primer and eye cream aren't bothering my eyelids–I'm thinking about easing back into nail polish starting with my Zoya polishes since the brand is supposed to be 5-free and maybe purchasing some Clinique too before I branch out.

  3. 5.28.13
    Alicia said:

    Great choices indeed! They really are perfect for pedi. I also love putting on Essie plumberry.

  4. 5.28.13

    @Magstermash- I've only used it enough to take some swatch pics, that then didn't turn out! I need to actually "use" the polish! It applied nicely, but I don't remember anything particularly special about it. I love Zoya!