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My Favorite Multi-tasking Beauty Products

multitasking beauty products for face, skin, lips, hair and nails

I can’t be the only one that needs to save time in the morning! I love being able to skip steps in my beauty routine completely, because one products has done the work of two (or more) and saved me time and money. These multi-taskers are also amazing for travel, especially when you’re already fighting to fit everything into your 3-1-1 bag for carry-on only.

Here’s a peek at a few of my favorite multi-tasking beauty products, you’ll find more over in my Amazing Multi-tasking Beauty Products collection on eBay.

1. L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray: Love this spray! I think I’ve gone through 3 bottles already. A few spritz on wet hair and it helps calm frizzies, adds shine, protects from both UV and heat damage and I swear it makes drying my hair faster.

2. Pantene’s Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Creme: Yes, BB Cream for your hair! It does a ton of things like hydrate, repair damage, calm frizz, add shine and make hair easier to style. I like to use a little on already dry hair as well, just a pea sized amount on the ends of my hair.

3. Pond’s Luminous Finish BB+ Cream SPF 15: Are you tired of me talking about this product yet? I know that I mention the Pond’s Luminous Finish BB Cream all the time! I love that this product contains just enough hydration for my combination skin, has light coverage and even offers a bit of sunscreen all in one step.

4. Derma-e Skin Hair & Nail Oil: This is a multi-tasking dry skin saver! This is a lightweight oil formulated to work great on pretty much any part of your body. It is just enough hydration for your super dry cuticles but won’t overpower your face. It’s great for adding shine and smoothing your hair, but if you add a little too much it won’t turn you into a greaseball.

5. Orly Cutique: This is a product that every manicure girl should keep around the house! Even if you’re religious about wearing base coat under your polish, there are some dark colors than can leach through and still stain your nails. Apply a little Cutique on your nail, rub it in and wait about 30 seconds. When you wash it off, your nails will no longer be stained!

These are just some of the multi-tasking beauty products that I use over and over, you’ll find more over in my Amazing Multi-tasking Beauty Products collection on eBay. What are your favorite multi-taskers?

Be sure to check out my collections on eBay and follow me! I’ll add more multi-tasking products to the collection, let me know yours!

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  1. 3.3.14
    Sherry P said:

    The Pond's Luminous Finish BB is my favorite as well! I actually got hold of Pond's and let them know that 🙂 It is one of those products that you never want to be discontinued! Love your blog!

  2. 3.4.14
    Tricia said:

    Hmmmm…the L'Oreal Advanced Hair Care Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray seems like a great product to try out. I wanna try also the Derma-e Skin Hair & Nail Oil. So excited!