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It’s a Hair Gel Revolution: Hold, No Crunch, Just… Soft? Review of Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls Hair Gel

Jelly Soft Curls Review
I’m not really a hair gel girl. I’ve used it in the past, but generally I’m not super happy about it, and I fully admit that if given the option I’ll swap to mousse to provide the hold that I want in my hair. To me, gel is all about the 1980’s, and while I was in elementary school for most of that decade, I don’t necessarily want to go back.

However, I do have somewhat wavy hair (even if I need to straighten it most of the time to make it behave), and I’ve been interested in making my curls a bit more cooperative and actually curly instead of just unruly.

Recently, Miss Jessie’s asked if they could send me their new gel. I have to confess that I ignored a few emails first. Gel?? I have no interest in crunch. Finally they said “send us your address” and for some reason I complied. And this pretty tube of gel showed up at my door.

I decided to try it out on a day that I’d be curling my hair with my beloved Beach Waver. Which, yes, is the best thing since sliced bread. Instead of doing my normal mousse and heat protectant, I decided to do the gel and heat protectant.

I was a bit suspicious that something was up as soon as the gel was in my hand. It didn’t have much smell, but it wasn’t sticky? It looked like a normal hair gel (clear gel stuff, check), but didn’t make me want to immediately wash my hands. During my blow dry, my hair seemed soft. Soft. And when I curled my hair, it actually held, for 2 days like I get with my slightly sticky mousse. And I swear to you, my hair was so soft. I tried it again when styling my hair straight. I had no frizz. NO FRIZZ and my hair felt soft and amazing. It was better than straightening cream.

My conclusion:
Unicorn hair gel

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I’m a doctor, a mommy and a bit of a beauty addict. If you let me, I can take 2 hours to get ready in the morning. Really. I'm on a quest for faster beauty that works!

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  1. 6.3.13
    Christina said:

    This makes me want to basically run out and buy some. Does it make your hair curlier? Or does it just hold the curls better?

    I'm continually on the look out for a product that will actually make my hair curlier (I twist-out my strands with Garnier gel/cream and then air dry on a good day. It ends up looking ok, but takes a lot of time). I have the wavy/curly mix, and I tend to tame it by perming it once a year.

  2. 6.4.13

    It just makes things hold better. I haven't found anything that really makes the curls hold better. There's this cream all over Pinterest, The Not You're Mother's Kinky moves, which I got at Target. THAT cream in theory makes your hair curlier, though it doesn't seem to work very well for me. I'm going to try the 2 together!

  3. 6.4.13

    Does anyone know where you can buy this?

  4. 6.4.13
    Karen said:

    I have really thick strong hair and have always found that gel made my hair feel like cardboard. The fact it makes your hair stay soft sounds great.

  5. 6.4.13

    You can get it from Target, CVS, Meijer, etc. Here's a full store locator:

    It's in the "ethnic hair" section, which really should just be incorporated into everything else now. It's silly. I've already bought a backup for when I run out…

  6. 6.4.13
    Erika said:

    All you had to say was unicorns and I'm all over that! Haha ~ All jokes aside, a hair gel that makes your hair super soft and frizz-less is something I need in my life. Like you, I'm not of a gel type of girl, leave the gel for the boys, but this may just change my mind!

    Erika ♥ | iblushbeauty.blogspot.com

  7. 6.5.13

    I love Unicorns and I love soft hair. I don't have the time I used to to wash it often so this sounds pretty darn good.

  8. 6.5.13

    I'll be buying this today. I am also rocking the curls from the Beach Waver, which I totally agree, is the best thing since sliced bread. It's one of the few irons that gives curls that last. I can't wait to try this out!

  9. 6.7.13

    I wonder if this works well to prevent frizz on mostly straight hair? If yes, I'm going to run to buy it right away.

  10. 6.7.13

    It definitely helped me straighten my hair and kept most of the frizz down.

  11. 6.8.13

    Thank you! Gonna run to purchase it now. 😀

  12. 6.11.13
    KD said:

    Their ingredients are nothing special (petrochemicals), why are they so expensive?! I'll stick to "As I Am".

  13. 12.5.13
    Jean L said:

    Thanks for the review. I like the Philip B. Styling gel, too, for crunch less curls…however I can't buy it locally. Will check this out. 😉

  14. 12.3.19
    Jennifer said:

    Is this only for ethnic hair? I have med thick, frizzy wavy curly hair. That stays curly after 4 products and a defuser on my hair dryer AND a curling iron. And that’s on a good hair day . for about 2 hours .. ive been looking for something I can put in blow dry my hair and go

    • 12.11.19
      15mins said:

      It’s for anyone’s hair.