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Mid-Winter Glow Up with Sephora

Am I the only one that gets to the middle of winter and says “I need something to refresh myself. Something new, and completely different.” So, as one does, I started poking around on Sephora, my go-to for all things beauty. It was pretty easy to find a few new things to try out, including something I’ve been hearing a lot about lately!

Note, I’m a Rouge Member of their Beauty Insider Program, which got me free shipping on these items. Belonging to the program is free and gets me perks like early access to new products, free shipping and exclusive events. They recently sent me a code for free one day shipping, and it was amazing. I bought a few shades of Tarte’s Maracuja Juicy Lip Balm as a gift for one of my daughter’s friends, but I didn’t have time to hit the mall to pick it up myself. It was on my doorstep a few hours later! Such a time save for a busy mom. Also, this lip balm in Grapefruit is the best pre-teen birthday gift ever.


Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Serum

I admit that I’ve had my eye on this scalp serum for a bit, but I’ve been a little afraid to try it.

Winter always throws my scalp into a tizzy, and I do a lot of careful balancing of treatments on any dry, itchy areas. One of my most effective products is a salicylic acid shampoo, but how effective can it be when I’m spot treating my scalp for a few minutes in the shower? I’ve been wondering about a salicylic acid serum, which could be applied and stay on my scalp. Would it be a game changer?

Yes. It really was.

After I wash my hair, I can apply a few drops of this serum to affected areas of my scalp. It does tingle a little bit, but that disappears very quickly. I rub it around with my fingers, then dry and style my hair as usual. I can’t tell that the serum is on my scalp after that, but it does make a difference! After the first 2 uses, my scalp seemed to be less irritable in general. It’s less prone to itchy and flaking areas. I’m making this a regular part of my scalp treatment regimen.

Kate McLeod Face Stone Nourishing Solid Facial Oil

What is that little stone? It’s actually a solid facial oil! I was very intrigued by the images on Sephora’s site showing how to rub this solid ball of oil on your skin to apply it to your skin, and it really is just as soothing as it looks. It melts almost immediately and you can rub the oil into your skin. A few minutes after application, it’s completely sunken into my skin and there isn’t any residue left. A light layer works under makeup in the morning, and a thicker layer is great before bed. I’ve found that it’s very calming and hydrating, great for those days that I feel like my skin needs a little something extra!

Shani Darden Skin Care Triple Acid Signature Peel

The pièce de résistance is definitely this Shani Darden Peel! I’ve been hearing a lot about this peel from friends recently, and I was really excited to try it out. But, I was also pretty nervous. My skin is sensitive due to my rosacea, and that sensitivity is in overdrive during the winter. I definitely needed a deeper exfoliation option to add into my skincare mix, but I wasn’t sure if my skin would be able to handle this product.

The peel starts with using the brush to apply the peel solution in a light layer to your face. They recommend starting with leaving it on for 1 minute, working your way up to 2 minutes. I set a timer and leave it on for exactly 1 minute. I haven’t gone longer, but that 1 minute is enough time for me to get smooth and glowing skin without any redness or irritation. At the 1 minute mark I use my hands to apply the neutralizing clay mask, which tingles a little but mostly feels really good on my skin. About 10 minutes after the clay mask, I hop in the shower and wash the whole thing off.

This peel is deeper than my usual exfoliating cleansers and scrubs, but I love that it is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. It also is a bit customizable with being able to change how long you leave the peel solution on your face.


What new beauty products have you picked up recently?

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This post is a collaboration with Sephora, but product choices and opinions are all my own.

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