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Manicure 101: Polish Removal and the Foil Method

For nail polish removal, I love the little pots of remover. I can open them up, stick in a finger and swish it around a bit. I’ve found that the pure acetone pots have plastic scrubbing bristles and work really well for glitter polish removal. Again, they are super drying, so I don’t use them frequently and I always follow up with some intense moisture.

If the polish that you need to remove is particularly tough, you might want to consider using the foil method of nail polish removal.

To do this, you’ll want some cotton or craft felt cut into squares about the size of your nails, Acetone and foil squares about 3″x3″ or so. Get the cotton/felt wet with the Acetone, place it directly on your nail. Put foil over the whole thing and just encase your nail pretty tightly. The foil is there to hold the cotton/felt tightly to the nail and prevent the Acetone from evaporating away. About 10-15 minutes later (go as short a time as you can because the Acetone is so drying), you can remove the whole thing and the polish will either be gone already or only need a small wipe to take off the remainder.

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  1. 7.19.11
    Leone said:

    Excellent advice on removing glitter nail polish. The stuff looks so pretty but it can be a pain to remove! The foil method is the best.

  2. 3.23.12
    Moxie said:

    Great idea with the foil! x